How to perform a factory reset?

This tutorial will cover the steps of performing a factory reset on your NAO robot.

A factory reset is necessary if you forgot your password to the NAO robot or if Customer Care has requested you do so.

A factory reset will require: 

  • ­a copy of the desired version of naoqi
  • ­a copy of the NAO Flasher
  • an unformatted USB stick
  • ­a fully charged NAO robot

Here are the steps we will take. 

Step 1: download NAO Flasher and naoqi
Step 2: Write naoqi to the unformatted USB stick
Step 3: Insert the USB stick into the back of NAO’s head and restart the robot

Let’s look at Step 1. 

The NAO Flasher and naoqi can be downloaded from the Aldebaran Community Site. Navigate to Sign in at the top right. You will need a Community Account with a robot associated to the account to perform the factory reset. If you don’t know whether or not you have one, check out our video on that topic. 

Once you’ve logged in with your Community Account Credentials, click to Resources. Then click Software. Now, look for the NAOqi (n­a­o­q­i) OS. Download the naoqi and make a note of where you downloaded it. For example, when I downloaded naoqi, it appears in my computer’s downloads folder. 

Next, download the NAO Flasher from the Software page. It can be found in the Troubleshooting section.  Once you’ve downloaded the NAO Flasher, extract the folder to an easy to find place. 

We now have two out of four items required to complete the factory reset.  

Now we need an unformatted USB stick. 

>> no less than 1 Gigabyte.

By the term unformatted, we don’t only mean that all the files of the USB drive have been deleted. This USB stick needs to have no file system at all. 

To accomplish this in Windows, we’ll use a system utility called Diskpart. In Mac, use Disk Utility. In Linux, use terminal commands. 

Here are the steps for Windows: 

Insert the USB stick into your computer. Search for “diskpart” in your start menu and open it. Type “list volume”. Make a note of which volume your USB stick is. Then type “Select volume” and type the volume number. 

Now type “clean”

You can type “exit” and close Diskpart. Your USB has been completely cleaned and now has no file system associated with it. This allows the NAO Flasher program to detect your USB drive. We now have three out of four items required to complete the factory reset. 

Make sure your robot is charged and we’re ready to put it all together. 

Now we’ll write the naoqi system image onto the USB using NAO Flasher. 

Open the folder containing the NAO Flasher program. 

Right click on the “flasher” batch file and click “Run as administrator”.

Point the program to the copy of naoqi that we downloaded earlier, and point it to the correct USB drive. 

Check Factory Reset and click write. 

Once the NAO Flasher program completes, you can remove the USB from your computer. 

With your robot off, insert the USB into the back of NAO’s head. Make sure you insert the usb in the correct orientation. Now, turn your robot on by pressing and holding the chest button until it begins flashing blue. Let your robot perform the factory reset. It will take 20 ­ 30 minutes. The lights on the top of the robots head and ears will change patterns as it completes different stages of the reset. 

When it’s finished, you’ll hear the robot startup sound. Your robot will ask you put it on an open space on the floor and touch its head or its bumper, so it can wake up correctly. After performing a short stretch routine, it will alert you that it has successfully updated its system. 

If you run into any problems with your Factory Reset, visit and our support team will help you out.

Thanks for watching.