Get the depth map from pepper

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to implement a Slam algorithm on Pepper using the stereo camera, but I have some trouble to get the depth map return by the 3D sensor.

Is it stocked in ALMemory ? And if yes what is the name of the variable ?

Thanks you


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The pair of 2D cameras, located behind the eyes, affords to snapshots in stereo. Essay Help Service UK

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A stereo camera just has two lens opening, like we have two eyes. You just point the camera at things and use it normally as you would with any other camera.

The two “eyes” record images with slightly different perspectives just as your eyes would when you are there. close objects will be in different places in the two frames. extremely far away objects will be relatively identical between frames.

Of course, you are probably aware this is not a new technology.

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A stereo camera simply has two focal point opening, similar to we have two eyes. You simply point the camera at things and utilize it typically as you would with some other camera. The two "eyes" record pictures with marginally alternate points of view similarly as your eyes would when you are there. close questions will be in better places in the two casings. amazingly far away protests will be generally indistinguishable between outlines. Obviously, you are likely mindful this is anything but another innovation.

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On the off chance that you need to execute SLAM you have required an Odometer sensor and the best Lidar sensor. The odometer will give you an idea of the circumstance of your robot on the 3D portray and you can likewise use a Xbox Kinect sensor to collect a 3D plot. Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan | Suzuki Wagon R Price in Pakistan

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A stereo camera, in reality, has focal factor beginning, much like we have eyes. You surely point the camera at things and utilize it normally as you would with some other digital camera. The two "eyes" document photos with marginally exchange points of view further as your eyes might while you are there. Close questions will be in higher locations within the two casings. Amazingly some distance away protests will be normally indistinguishable among outlines. Manifestly, you are in all likelihood aware that is something but every other innovation.

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A stereo camera, in reality, has focal component starting, just like we've eyes. You sincerely point the digital camera at things and put it to use typically as you would with some different digital camera. Dissertation Writing Services

Since the state-of-the-art in visual SLAM is pretty well known and has stabilized in the past few years, I am pretty sure its some kind of optimization-based approach (Bundle Adjustment) fusing IMU+GPS, not too different from OK-VIS or ORB-SLAM. Essay Help UK Based

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