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How to master Community (part 2/3)

As mentioned in our previous article, there are two more steps to master Community’s best features. In this blog post, we will focus on the projects section (aka the step 2). It allows you to create, organize and manage a project of your choice alone or in team with other Community members. Here are few tips to help you make the most of the projects.
  Discover the community projects So far, we already have 31 projects set up by the community, which is a great start! Go to the “Projects” section to browse and discover the different projects.
The Devoxx4Kids project card On every card you can get the project’s main information: the tags it is related to (‘Education’, ‘Programming’), its status (‘Recruiting’), the project title and its author.
Don’t hesitate to use the search settings to discover projects that might interest you. You can search for specific languages, SDK versions, membership settings, theme or status.


Pepper用NAOqi 2.3.0ソフトウェアスイートを発表 −新しい機能や改良点に注目−

数週間前のロンチの際にPepperロボットを入手できた数少ないデベロッパーの皆様にとって耳寄りな情報をご紹介。 前回発表のPepperソフトウェアはバージョン2.0.5でしたが、今回はそのまま2.3.0の開発に移りました。配信もすでに開始しており、こちらからダウンロード可能です。 これまで通り、顕著な問題を修正した上で改良点と追加機能を盛り込みました。詳しくはChoregraphe、NAOqi API & SDKとNAOqi OS更新案内をご覧ください。 概要だけでもすぐに確認したい場合は、下記をご覧ください。 Pepperとコミュニケーションをとる 感情認識ロボットを開発している環境も影響して、我々は人とロボットの間のコミュニケーションが成功の鍵を握っていると信じています。そのため、Pepperの視界に入っていなかったり、距離が少しばかり遠くとも、会話がしやすいように改良しました。「ペッパー」、「おはよう」、「ただいま」などのいくつかのキーワードを駆使することでPepperが反応してくれます。 手動での操作 声を使ったコミュニケーションほど効果的なものは中々ないですが、Pepperとのコミュニケーションとなるとたまに手動操作に頼る必要があります。Pepperは本体に触ることでも操作できます。例えば、Pepperの前頭部に手を一秒間置くことで、起動中のアプリを終了することができます。 手をもう少し長く置けば、そのままスリープ状態に入ります。 安全装置と通知情報 Pepperロボットを持つというのは楽しいことを大前提にしています。そこで、ユーザーにはPepperに問題が生じたときにすぐに分かってもらえるようにしました。通知方法を簡易化した上で、Autonomous Lifeを考慮して、不安定な姿勢である場合の専用通知も開発しました。 Choregrapheでシンプルに開発 アップデートしたChoregrapheは使いやすさを追求しています。多数のボックスを含む複雑なプロジェクトを組んだ場合、新しいオブジェクトパネルプロジェクトは、複雑なボックスをツリー状に配することでPepperの言動の全体図を提供してくれます。 最新パネルのInspectorはChoregraphe内の主なオブジェクト(言動、ボックス


How to master Community (part 1/3)

Last week, we wrote an article to introduce you quickly to the new features of the latest version of Community. Today, we’re going to explore in details a part of these updates so you can become a ‘Community Over 9000 expert’. We’ll go through three of the website’s main features in this first article: the dashboard, the personal profile and the members global page. Ready?
Photo credits: Akira Toriyama   Step 1: Master the Follow Power of the dashboard One of the main change in this new version of Community is your personalized dashboard. The point of it is to show you only topics you’re interested in. From the dashboard, you can have a look at the latest activities according to the threads and topics you have chosen to follow.
To do that, you simply need to click on the ‘Follow button’ on a category, a sub-category or a topic.


(Re)discover the NAO Interfaces Hackathon - Interview with Mike McFarlane

On April 11st-12nd 2015, the UKNAO user group will organise the NAO Interfaces Hackathon in London. We interviewed Mike, one of the organizers, to get an insight of what the event is going to be about. Can you introduce us to UKNAO? UKNAO is the largest and most successful Aldebaran NAO robot user group in the world. We have organised a number of very successful NAO robot themed hackathons and conferences including NAOConf in 2014 which was hosted by Queen Mary University in London and brought together developers, researchers, Aldebaran staff and academics from all over the world.   We meet every six weeks in London, normally in a friendly pub, to talk robots, philosophise, work on NAO projects and drink beer. There is a core group of about ten members but our meetings are open to anyone with a passion for NAO and technology. You can find out more here.  


A week with NAO in the Bay Area

From february 9th to 14th, Nicolas Rigaud, our developer advocate, and James Dietrich, our strategic partnership manager, were in San Francisco to attend Developer Week. This was the results of contacts made during JavaOne, back in September. Their agenda was pretty busy, but several events are worth mentionning. Exhibiting NAO at the Developer Week On Wednesday 11th, there was a special track about robotics at the Developer Week Expo. Aldebaran had a booth where James and Nicolas showcased NAO. All day long, lots of people stopped by to interact with him, watch him dance and get more information about the way to program him. James and Nicolas also had a talk at 4pm to discuss the vision of Aldebaran about personal robotics.The feedback has been very positive and we hope it helped raising awareness about what we do. Lots of question came from the audience at the end, with a real interest for the business models that could be created with robots. Meeting with the Silicon Valley NAO User Group

New Community

Want to know what the New Community is all about? This way please

You may have already noticed (and if not, this article is for you) that we made some updates on Community a few days ago. Since we want everything to be as simple as it can be, here is a little recap of the new functionalities you will find here. Me, myself and I First of all, the new Dashboard gives you a quick overview of what you might have missed on Community. This page is customized with the threads, projects or topics you are currently following. You can follow threads (like Code), sub threads (like Motion) or specific topics to stay informed on the forum. By clicking on 'follow' you will receive emails every time there is a new topic or a new answer (depending on what you are following). Beautiful people Since Community wouldn’t be Community without its members, all of you guys have now your own personal member page. It gives you a summary of one’s activity and informatio

NAO T-shirts

Keep your shirt on, NAO apparels are here

We are proud to announce the arrival of the first Aldebaran apparel.
From now on, you will be able to share your love for the little bot everywhere. Because, yes, NAO T-shirts are now available on our Fan Shop (and the NAO notebook too since last week). Since every NAO fan is different, we offer you, not one, not two, but THREE different NAO T-Shirts.
As you can see below, you have the choice between the Kawaii, the RetroFuture and the Motto version of the NAO T-shirt (but you can also ‘catch’em all’ ;)).
The NAO Retrofuture T-shirt
The NAO Kawaii T-shirt


Write it like it’s hot

Do you remember the old times when you had to type to write ideas down or to take notes? Oh yes you remember well and this guy was your favorite buddy: Hello, I’m Mister Keyboard Despite being pleasantly noisy and allowing you to hide some pizza for later, Mister Keyboard has gone absolutely out of fashion. But who has stolen all the hype? Wait for it… A small, dark, soft and sexy looking other guy: Mister Notebook. Hi girl, I’m Mister Notebook Despite what he looks like, Mister Notebook is not only a simple notebook. Far from it. Mister Notebook has a classic and dark cover imitating leather with a seated NAO embossed. He also has 112 pages numbered backwards, YEAH BACKWARD, allowing you to know when your incredible story with Mister Notebook is over. His size, 22x13 cm, allows you to ca


This is only the beginning

As you know, Bruno Maisonnier launched Aldebaran almost 10 years ago with the strong will to create emotional robots for human being. For some people at this time, his project seemed to be a utopia. From today’s perspective, we can undoubtly say that NAO, Pepper, and Romeo are a strong reality. Because you, our community, believed in this vision, because you are actively involved in NAO’s success today, we have decided to inform you with a dedicated message that some changes in the company structure are now happening. Bruno decided to step down from CEO of Aldebaran. Some of you may look at the past with nostalgia; and there’s a time for that of course. But trust us, we’re on the edge of the new era. SoftBank has decided to more fully invest in Aldebaran, up to 95%, and Tomiwaza Fumihide is now CEO of Aldebaran from March 4th. This is the beginning of a dynamic move for us and for our community. This is demonstrating SoftBank’s real interest not only for Pepper, but also for NAO and Romeo. NAO’s recent uses in several companies like Darty in France, or the pilot announced for Mitsubishi Bank in Japan are good examples that there’s room for robots of all sizes on the market. W


Devoxx4Kids workshop in Berkeley

After the success of the first edition last year, a new Devoxx4Kids workshop was held in Berkeley. On saturday 14th, Nicolas, from our French Community team, James, from our Boston office and NAO met with 30 kids at the Black Pine Circle School. During 2 hours, the kids were able to familiarise with NAO Robot and its software, Choregraph. Nicolas and James had prepared a workshop leading to the creation and the use of an application for NAO Robot. If you are interested, you can check out Nicolas and James' workshop on Slideshare. NAO Robot workshop for kids (english) from Nicolas RIGAUD   For those of you who are not familiar with Devoxx4Kids, the project aims to introduce kids to programming and Robotics in a fun