Elise D.

NAOqi 2.4.2 available for Pepper

Hello community,

This month is the month of releases! On Tuesday 20th, we announced the release of NAOqi 2.1.4 for NAO. Today, it’s Pepper’s turn with the release of NAOqi 2.4.2.

You can read the release note here and the changelog here.

First thing: if you are a Pepper owner, this version is common to all hardware versions of Pepper. Whether you are using software version 2.0.6 or 2.3.1 at the moment, you are all welcome to upgrade to this new one. That’s a really good news from our point of view as it will allow smoother collaboration.

Note that if your Pepper is running on NAOqi 2.0.6, you need to make sure you have upgraded your CPU (from 1.0 to 1.6) before updating to 2.4.2. SBR sent the introduction to all customers whose Peppers’ can be upgraded.

With this new release, Pepper owners will discover a lot of enhancements. Here are the most important elements of the update:

  • Pepper’s moving abilities have been improved: the work done on the leg allows to do both movement of hip and knee while wheeling. Pepper has also now smoother head movements and can track people without jerk.

  • The sleep mode is easier to identify as Pepper status LEDs stay smoothly on with a purple color.
  • The tablet also has additional features. Pepper’s MAC addresses are now displayed in the network section.
  • As far as developer tools are concerned, our main focus has been on Choregraphe in order to fix things like crashes, make the timeline easier to use.


We have worked on new documentation guides to develop applications. First distributed to developers, those documents are now available on line. Discover our tutorials and create your applications. Don’t forget that you don’t need a real robot to play with our SDKS. You just need to join our Developer Program for free to have access to all of our software.
To download all the softwares you need, just head to
resources > software

Regarding the update process, you need to touch the display and start "Setting Application" from the application lists. The available update notice will pop-up and you can touch the “Upgrade Now" button. Pepper will restart automatically after a while.

As usual, we hope you’ll appreciate this new release. Feel free to post on the forum in case there’s anything specific to report.

Have fun!