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How to master Community (part 3/3)

As mentioned in our last how to article, there is one more step to master Community’s latest features. In this blog post, we will focus on the forum. This section is growing more and more every day, thanks to you guys J. In order for you to make the most of it, here are a few tips about posting, reading and answering on the forum.

      The three-points method to optimize an answer

You have a question/issue with Choregraphe or your robot or you simply want to talk about something with the community? You have already checked on the forum and didn’t find any answer or similar topic? Well, it’s time to create a brand new one then!

Create a new topica
1: create a new topic

Before posting, we will help you make sure there is nothing related to the question you are about to ask. Fill in your topic title and check whether your question hasn’t already been answered or not.

Check for similar discussions
2: check for similar discussions

Then, you just have to fill in the different fields:

  • Your question: try to be as specific as possible so that other members can understand your issue at a glance.
  • The message: the motto here is “too much is better than not enough”. So don’t hesitate to describe your issue, your devices (robot version), your environment (OS, etc). The more you give, the shorter an answer comes. Wink
  • Robot: the type of robot you own
  • Category: be careful here and add your topic in a relevant category. Again, you’ll be more likely to get a quick answer if your question is in the right place.
  • Image: Add screenshots or pictures that will help others understand your problem.

Post your question
3: Fill-in the fields and post your question

You have made a mistake and added your question in the wrong category, for instance? No problem! Just send us an email with the changes you want to do Wink

            Tips : add your code like a boss

An additional feature is the possibility to add code to your message so other members can more easily understand you issue. To do so, copy paste your code, highlight it and click on the “Code Block / Code” icon.

Add code
4: Add code to your message

A Community based forum

As said before, Community offers now the possibility to follow entire threads or specific topics. This feature allows you to catch all the topics or answers that might interest you!

Follow threads and topics
5: Follow threads and topics

Aldebaran members are present on the forum during working hours to help you solve your problems. But remember that the true power of a community comes from its members. That means you can also (and many of you already do) help each other on the forum and improve the quality of our Forum.

There is also a new feature that will probably help you in your daily Community life: to manage the categories and topics you are following. On your profile, you can now access a “Followed discussions” section. From here, you will be able to monitor what you are following and unfollow the threads or topics you are not interested in anymore.

Unfollow or not
6: Manage & unfollow threads and topics

Certifications for everyone

Either if the answer comes from Aldebaran or from another member, you have now the power to certificate. If someone gives a useful answer to your question, simply click the “Select as a best answerbutton to notify the author and the rest of the community that the solution worked out for you. This way, other members with the same question will directly identify the solution for a related issue.

Certificate the answers
7: Certificate the answer

Finally, you also have the ability to up or down vote an answer. Someone gave you a good advice or an answer start? Give him/her a +1 to show that this contribution also helped you (It’s always nice to receive a +1 Wink ).

Give +1 to good answers
8: Give +1 to good answers

Here you go, you are now a true Community Master. We hope you will make a good use of it (actually, we know you will).

If you have any request, ideas or problems regarding the Forum or any other part of Community, do not hesitate to let us know!

A true Community Master you are