MGF 2016: Robotics and the Game Industry

For the second year, Aldebaran attended the Mobile Games Forum, held on January 20th and 21st during the London Mobiles Game Week. For its 13th event MGF gathered together various game developers and publishers as well as platform and service providers. Over the course of the two day event, the trends and best practices of the mobile games industry were discussed and highlighted. Among the most innovative devices and games, we decided to introduce Pepper, our special guest, to the audience visitng our booth during the event.
Pepper wore his Aldebaran hoodie for the occasion


Pepper App Challenge & Pepper Innovation Challenge: Application development in Japan

November 28th, Belle salle event hall in Tokyo Shibuya district, hundreds of people gathered to attend the finals of the Pepper App Challenge and the Pepper Innovation Challenge: close-up on a major developer event. After a successful first edition in February, Softbank Robotics launched both events on September 18, 2015. Developers had until October 31st to submit their applications to one of the challenges.

NAO at Geekopolis

A week-end at Geekopolis

Last week-end, one of our team participated for the first to Geekopolis, 'the festival of imaginary cultures'. Dedicated to geek culture, the convention gathered during two days more than 15,000 visitors and 200 exhibitors in Paris. The particularity of Geekopolis is the diversity of the universes represented. Not less than five different 'villages' and worlds stand alongside each other: Avalon, dedicated to heroic fantasy and the medieval world Nautilus, the steampunk area Metropolis, for science-fiction and comics Little Tokyo, the Japanese village Teklab, dedicated to new technologies During the week-end, the team ran a booth in the Teklab village. Three NAO robots were accompanying us and introduced to the public.


NAO Challenge in Germany

As mentioned in a previous article, the NAO Challenge has been going on since September for more than 1300 students across Europe. The German final will be held on thursday 21th in Bochum. For the occasion, we interviewed the IV40 team participating to the contest. Discover what they have been up to the last past months.  1. Your team: What should we know about it? The specificities, members’ profiles, backgrounds and strengths? [Vivian Reinecke] Our team consists of students including all grades, from the 8th up to the 12th grade. All participants are students at the Städt, Mädchengymnasiums in Essen-Borbeck.
[Mrs. Dr. Wolf] The Städt, Mädchengymnasium in Essen-Borbeck is the only high school for girls supported by the government in Nordrhein-Westfalen and consequently a unique institution. We make a huge effort in supporting our students in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects as best as possible.
[Jenny Krieger

NAO Interface Hackathon 2015

Robot mind control and other great NAO hacking: NAO Interfaces 2015

Few weeks ago, we did an interview with Mike McFarlane who introduced us the NAO Interfaces Hackathon. This third hackathon, organized by UKNAO, the UK developers group for NAO, took place at Queen Mary University London from 11-12 April.     As mentioned by Mike, the idea of it was “to bring in developers and geeks from other technology areas outside the robotics field in order to cross-pollinate ideas”.
So during this week-end, more than 50 people gathered to connect new devices to NAO and find new ways of interacting with him. They were welcomed by Dave Snowdon, organizer and member of


A day at Devoxx4kids

As some of you may know, from April 8th to 10th, Paris’ Palais des Congrès hosted the fourth edition of Devoxx France. During three days, this international event welcomed 2500 persons interested in programming for conferences, meetings and workshops. At Aldebaran, we had the chance to contribute to this with one keynote about the future of robotics, a quick conference explaining why developers should pay attention to robotics and a workshop with NAO. The event lasted from Wednesday to Friday but a new challenge awaited our team at School 42 in Paris on Saturday.  From 10 a.m to 5.30 p.m, fifty budding developers were welcomed to discover and experiment on technologies and tools adapted to kids. This initiative is part of several events organized worldwide by Devoxx4Kids.
'5 reasons why developers should work on robotics' with Emilie at DevoxxFr Devoxx4Kids, programming for kids Devoxx4Kids started when Devoxx members began to think about a way of getting kids into programming, robotics and engineering while showing them how fun technology could be. They started to organize workshops


(Re)discover the NAO Interfaces Hackathon - Interview with Mike McFarlane

On April 11st-12nd 2015, the UKNAO user group will organise the NAO Interfaces Hackathon in London. We interviewed Mike, one of the organizers, to get an insight of what the event is going to be about. Can you introduce us to UKNAO? UKNAO is the largest and most successful Aldebaran NAO robot user group in the world. We have organised a number of very successful NAO robot themed hackathons and conferences including NAOConf in 2014 which was hosted by Queen Mary University in London and brought together developers, researchers, Aldebaran staff and academics from all over the world.   We meet every six weeks in London, normally in a friendly pub, to talk robots, philosophise, work on NAO projects and drink beer. There is a core group of about ten members but our meetings are open to anyone with a passion for NAO and technology. You can find out more here.  


A week with NAO in the Bay Area

From february 9th to 14th, Nicolas Rigaud, our developer advocate, and James Dietrich, our strategic partnership manager, were in San Francisco to attend Developer Week. This was the results of contacts made during JavaOne, back in September. Their agenda was pretty busy, but several events are worth mentionning. Exhibiting NAO at the Developer Week On Wednesday 11th, there was a special track about robotics at the Developer Week Expo. Aldebaran had a booth where James and Nicolas showcased NAO. All day long, lots of people stopped by to interact with him, watch him dance and get more information about the way to program him. James and Nicolas also had a talk at 4pm to discuss the vision of Aldebaran about personal robotics.The feedback has been very positive and we hope it helped raising awareness about what we do. Lots of question came from the audience at the end, with a real interest for the business models that could be created with robots. Meeting with the Silicon Valley NAO User Group


Devoxx4Kids workshop in Berkeley

After the success of the first edition last year, a new Devoxx4Kids workshop was held in Berkeley. On saturday 14th, Nicolas, from our French Community team, James, from our Boston office and NAO met with 30 kids at the Black Pine Circle School. During 2 hours, the kids were able to familiarise with NAO Robot and its software, Choregraph. Nicolas and James had prepared a workshop leading to the creation and the use of an application for NAO Robot. If you are interested, you can check out Nicolas and James' workshop on Slideshare. NAO Robot workshop for kids (english) from Nicolas RIGAUD   For those of you who are not familiar with Devoxx4Kids, the project aims to introduce kids to programming and Robotics in a fun


MGF London

Last week, on the 20th and 21st of January,  I attended Mobile Game Conference with software engineer Céline Boudier. As you can guess from the name, it's a conference that takes place during the London Games Week and that focuses on mobile gaming and gathered the whole ecosystem: game developers, studios, monetization services, infrastructures and so on. Basically, they invited Joan Da Silva for the talk. He was previously working for Rovio, had a talk last year and the organizers wanted to have him back on stage this year to talk about what he does with robots with his kind of background. But it turned out that Joan couldn't make it. Since neither Céline or myself have real experience in the video game industry (except for the client side I guess :D), we decided to explain why robots need game designers. The talk went pretty well. As usual, I focused on the general presentation, while Céline gave examples and real demonstrations on NAO If you are interested, you can see our slides below.