Aldebaran Atelier New Formule

Aldebaran Atelier is renewing itself

On July 2014, two Aldebaran Ateliers opened in Paris and in Tokyo. These places are dedicated entirely to discovering and interacting with our robots, Pepper and NAO. We happily welcomed some of you over the past year. Because we believe, as you do, in a future where interactive robots will walk hand in hand with humans in their everyday lives, we launched the Developer Program this summer. 3,000 people have already joined the adventure and thank you for that! The robot apps market will continue to grow in the coming years and this community will have the ability to help shape it. Today, we want to provide our developer partners with the greatest opportunity for success by offering even more assistance and tools to design anything and everything you can think of. For this reason our Paris Atelier is evolving to become an even more developer-focused space. Basically, every member of the Developer Program can now participate to trainings, either to learn how to develop with NAO and Pepper or to improve a specific feature of development (animation, dialogue, display ect). Trainings are free of charge and are divided into units based on individual level. Want to work and test your applications on Pepper or NAO? Great news, you can now book a session at the Atelier to progress and grow your


NAO Challenge, when students explore robotics

Since September 2014, more than 1300 students and teachers from 5 Europeans countries (France, Denmark, Italy, Germany and the UK) have entered the NAO Challenge Europe. The goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of learning informatics and technology by motivating and teaching students on a humanoid robot. For this year competition, high-school students had to imagine how NAO could help a family to live better at home. In less than a month, the finals are starting and for this occasion we offer you the chance to discover one the many teams of the challenge. Discover in this interview the work of The Beginners Team from Italy and what they have been up to with NAO the past few months. 1. Your team: What should we know about it? The specificities, members’ profiles & backgrounds, strengths… [Carla] The team consists of 5 teenagers and a coach. They are all 16 and they attend the third year of “Applied Science” a special course of the high school “Enrico Fermi”, in Padova, Italy. Their team leader..., well, it’s me: their

NAO T-shirts

Keep your shirt on, NAO apparels are here

We are proud to announce the arrival of the first Aldebaran apparel.
From now on, you will be able to share your love for the little bot everywhere. Because, yes, NAO T-shirts are now available on our Fan Shop (and the NAO notebook too since last week). Since every NAO fan is different, we offer you, not one, not two, but THREE different NAO T-Shirts.
As you can see below, you have the choice between the Kawaii, the RetroFuture and the Motto version of the NAO T-shirt (but you can also ‘catch’em all’ ;)).
The NAO Retrofuture T-shirt
The NAO Kawaii T-shirt


Write it like it’s hot

Do you remember the old times when you had to type to write ideas down or to take notes? Oh yes you remember well and this guy was your favorite buddy: Hello, I’m Mister Keyboard Despite being pleasantly noisy and allowing you to hide some pizza for later, Mister Keyboard has gone absolutely out of fashion. But who has stolen all the hype? Wait for it… A small, dark, soft and sexy looking other guy: Mister Notebook. Hi girl, I’m Mister Notebook Despite what he looks like, Mister Notebook is not only a simple notebook. Far from it. Mister Notebook has a classic and dark cover imitating leather with a seated NAO embossed. He also has 112 pages numbered backwards, YEAH BACKWARD, allowing you to know when your incredible story with Mister Notebook is over. His size, 22x13 cm, allows you to ca


My Adventure with Aldebaran: Project Zora by QBMT

Let’s continue our trip to discover what people are doing with our robots! QBMT is a small company of 15 people (including 10 developers) fond of SF, especially Star Wars and its droids (R2D2 forever! <3). Several years ago, they fell in love with NAO and decided to use it as a support for solutions to help other people in their life. Thus was born the solution named ZORA, which stands for: Zorg (Health), Ouderen (Elderly person), Revalidatie (Rehabilitation), Animatie (Animation). ZORA is also the name of their NAO who is portrayed as a little girl by the company. She is involved in hospital environments, such as retirement homes, to help both the residents and the caregivers.   What is the ZORA solution? When Zora is introduced in a retirement home, she receives a family name (chosen by the caregivers) and then the adventure starts. As the robot is used by non-technical people, a simple Wi-Fi connection problem can become very challenging. So QBMT had to find a way to make their applications as easy as possible to use. The ZORA solution includes two NAO Robots (one stay in stock and is intended t

Emotion Team

Meet the Aldebaran's staff: The Emotion Team

We've all seen pictures of emotional expressions: happy faces, sad faces, angry faces, and more. Aldebaran's Emotion Team is working on detecting these emotional expressions and more, to build Pepper and NAO's emotional engine. The Emotion Team is comprised of specialists and engineers in emotion, machine learning, perception, cognitive science and user experience. We are multicultural and love robots! Can you introduce the members of your team? Sure! At the heart of our team is Marine CHAMOUX, who is a computer vision engineer working on multimodal fusion, tying together all sources of emotion, from face, to voice, to body language. Dr. Laurent GEORGE is an engineer with a background in signal processing; fun fact: he did his Ph.D. on brain-computer interfaces! Karsten KNESE is also an engineer with a specialty in perception and machine learning on robots. He has lived all over the world, including Korea, Munich and Barcelona. Kyohei OTA and Audrick FAUSTA are our test engineers, ensuring the robustness and reliability of our software. Kyohei provides invaluable support in Japanese, and you may recognize Audrick FAUSTA from his artistic performances and dance. Alexia BUCLET has a background in cognitive science, and helps us create user experiences and scenarios to capture emotions in the wild. I'm Dr. Angelica LIM, and

NAO hearing

What’s new with the 2.1.2 version?

At Aldebaran, our developers and engineers are working hard day after day to improve our robots. This upgrade takes into account your feedbacks and is fixing the most pressing issues. It also improves functionalities and modules in order to have a better interaction with the robot.  Moreover it brings additional features that you should appreciate. Setting up the Robot From the NAO Web Page, you can now connect NAO behind a proxy. You can also choose to enable or disable the Autonomous Life at the robot’s startup thanks to the new parameter: “Alive by default”. We have also added a channel system grouping applications to install in one package, with dynamic updates. The Basic Channel compiles all needed applications for a first experience, including NAO’s dialog ability, falls recovery and Autonomous Life that allows

NAO action figures vignette

Fan shop's grand opening: here come the mini NAO action figures!

Everybody loves NAO. At least I do! So I’m quite excited to announce to you the opening of the brand new fan shop! Launched on November the 24th, the shop offers official goodies and apparels from Aldebaran. The first products are two mini action figures of NAO Evolution in blue or in red. So personally, I know what I will ask Santa for Christmas because these cute buddies are already available for Europe, Japan, the U.S.A and Canada. Moreover, some

Vignette Customer Care

Meet the Aldebaran's staff: The Customer Service

Have you ever wondered who are the people taking care of your broken robots? Aldebaran provides After-Sales Services in order to help and fix any potential problems you might encounter, whether it’s related to software or hardware, on any of Aldebaran’s products. The service is composed of several teams that are working together to take care of you. These teams include the customer care, logistics, repair, fleet management, and so on. With nearly 7 000 NAOs throughout the world, and the release of Pepper in Japan, this is indeed an essential department at Aldebaran. I have met Emilio Roth, who is the manager of the customer care EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa) team, to learn more. Hello Emilio! First of all, can you explain the role of your team? Basically, it’s to be there for the clients. That means, we receive all the calls, e-mails, and tickets that the clients send with their problems and we find the solutions. Besides that, we take care of our fleet of robots out in the world. What we try to do is to have a whole review of all our fleet of robots worldwide. Can you introduce the members of your team?


The Story of Pepper's launch

On June 5th, we revealed our new robot to the world in a SoftBank event, and the reactions have come pouring by thousaands ever since. Here's a condensed version of the world reaction to this new emotional robot. [&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href="//storify.com/Aldebaran_news/pepper-the-robot-is-born" target="_blank"&amp;amp;amp;gt;View the story "Pepper the Robot is born!" on Storify&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;]