Programming NAO robot with Python (1.14.5)

Discover the advantage of programming NAO using the Python SDK. Most functions provided by the NAO humanoid robot can be used through Choregraphe.

A lot of diverse tasks like turning the LED lights on, repeating set movements, making sounds, and etc. are supported by the Choregraphe box, and it can be used to perform various types of robotic tasks. However, it is difficult to execute tasks that aren’t supported by the box and to use the box to construct complicated algorithms like image processing.

In this webinar, we’ll show why using Python is one of the easiest ways to program with NAO (software version: 1.14.5). Here is what we will talk about:

  1. NAO at a glance
  2. Why Python SDK
    1. Add features to NAOqi
    2. Embed NAO actions to your program
  3. Using the NAOqi API
    1. Proxy and Module
    2. Appliead examples
    3. Where to find information
  4. Going further
    1. Create a NAOqi Module
    2. Movement export from Choregraphe

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