Let us share our expertise on how to make the best us of NAO and drive your projects to success!

Our trainings are adapted to your needs and experience and allow you to maximize your experience with NAO, get new skills and meet the users' community!

For our customers based in Europe, Middle-East or Africa, we organize 2 different training sessions in Paris:

Level 1 - NAO Buddy: Become an expert in graphical programming using Choregraphe and learn how to write Python scripts for NAO.

Level 2 - NAO Master: Learn how to develop your own modules in C++ and/or Python. Explore audio processing & vision modules.


Please download the document "Agenda & Information" to get all required information.


For more information, please contact us.


Philippe Capdepuy - Engineer at HumaRobotics

Philippe Capdepuy PhD in Computer Sciences from University of Hertfordshire, MS in Cognitive Sciences from University of Bordeaux. Philippe is in charge of robotic software development at HumaRobotics. He developed "NAO plays Connect 4", an advanced behavior for Nao, in which he contributed in machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. Philippe gives training on NAO, Machine Learning and ROS.

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