What can I do if I spilled water on my Pepper?

  • If liquid has not seeped under his plastic casing If you are certain of this, and only a few drops of liquid were spilt on your robot, you should:

    • Disconnect all cables, and disconnect the battery charger from the Wall Socket.
    • Hit the Stop Button to turn Pepper OFF.
    • Wipe him dry.
    • When thoroughly dry, put his battery charger into operation. Release the Stop Button. Press Chest Button to turn ON.
  • If liquid has leaked under his plastic casing Disconnect all cables, shut OFF the battery charger and disconnect it from the Socket.

    • Hit the Stop Button to turn him OFF.
    • Dry him as much as possible.
    • Contact the Customer support team.
    • Do not use his battery charger or Pepper.
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