5 questions about Romeo

Romeo is Aldebaran's second robot. Much taller than NAO, Romeo is destined to help elderly people, and he's being developped in our offices. We gave the opportunity to our forum members to ask questions about Romeo to Rodolphe Gélin, head of collaborative projects at Aldebaran, and here are his answers : Is Romeo going to be strictly aimed for the care of the elderly or do you see it targeted as a common household servant? Romeo is partly funded by collaborative projects dedicated to assistance to elderly people. So we are putting a special focus on assistance for elderly people : memory, locomotion, safety but also entertainment. And because we believe in the concept of “design for all”  (what is useful for some should be useful for everyone), we keep in mind that elderly people will not be the only users of our robots. But as for Nao, we don’t want to see Romeo mainly as a servant but as a companion that cares of its human friends. Of course, the size of Romeo will offer new capabilities to it (see next question). What physical capabilities will Romeo have? Will he be able to open close doors, move and l


Introducing NAO and Chorégraphe to pupils with Programatoo

Last Monday, Salah Amer (a previous DP member) and Emilie Nérot (community manager) went to Nanterre’s Pablo Picasso elementary school to introduce NAO to young and curious spirits. This class was part of a whole program aiming at teaching children the basis of programming (using Scratch or Kidsruby for example). This program, called Programatoo, is organised by SFEIR (which we know well since we have been holding several editions of NAO sur Seine in their parisian office). The group was composed of ten young girls and boys thrilled to discover their two new tiny friends.

After a short introduction to Chorégraphe, the children were ask to build a little story and to add some basic behaviours to that story. We thought that writing the story would have been the easiest part but it seems that children do not mess with stories. Indeed, they did their best to create amazing ones from poetry to pirates eaten by sharks (it seems that pirates are very popular among children, we don’t know why…).


Meeting Java lovers at Jfokus in Stockholm

Last week, Java fans from Sweden and all over Europe could meet at a dedicated event held in Stockholm: Jfokus. Aldebaran Robotics’ team had the pleasure to participate to this event. The conference was located on the very core of Stockholm and lasted from the 3th to the 5th of February. Our team arrived the day before in order to see the premises and even more meet the super staff here. Mattias Karlsson, in charge of the whole organization, was really helpful to us and to our small companions.

The conference keynote took place on Tuesday the 4th and was presented by NAO himself. However, we were struck by the “demo curse”. Indeed, our robot friend was not a “dancing queen” this time and fell during his Thriller performance. But as you can see, the audience was really nice to him.


NAO's Mission to Mars

When the day finally comes for man to land on Mars, NAO will be ready to accompany them in their exploration of the red planet. NAO has joined an international crew of analog astronauts, as an 8th member of the crew, for a two weeks simulated mission to Mars. At the Mars Desert Research Station, in the high desert of Utah, the crew performed multiple experiments in the most realistic conditions. NAO acted as their companion and Yoga trainer. He also assisted in a telesurgery experiment. “In our relatively short, two week mission, we will use the NAO to lay the foundation for longer-term, human / robot interactions studies” said Dr. Susan Jewell, M.D., Executive Officer and Medical Officer. “As the fastest trip to Mars will be no less than eight months duration, one-way, something like the NAO will be a valuable companion for the few-in-number, human crews. We hope to consider the NAO as our eighth crew member by the time we return from a simulated Mars.” You can learn more about the mission and follow the captain’s blog at http://marscrew134.org/ Robots like the Mars Exploration Rover have already prece


ASK NAO receives a Blue Ribbon Award

The IBCCES (for International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards) is the largest independent credentialing and continuing education organizations with a focus in special needs and human services. This means that they know what they’re talking about when giving a Blue Ribbon Award to the ASK NAO program for our innovative approach to engaging students with autism. This is great news for everyone who’s been working hard to make ASK NAO a success, as The IBCCES’ recognition will help the program reach more kids on the autism spectrum in need of a new therapeuthic solution. To learn more about the program, watch this video and head to our ASK NAO website.


Nighthacking worldwide... starring NAO

Stephen Chin of steveonjava.com is the creator of the NightHacking events, during which the Java community gets together and, fueled by enthusiasm and cafeine, hacks all night long. Here’s what the first worldwide nighthacking event looked like. The second worldwide NightHacking event will take place on February 20th, and Aldebaran Robotics will partner with him to introduce Choregraphe and NAO to  the Java community all around the world! Do you have robot ? As a member of our developper program or an academic, even if you’re not a member of the Java community, you can participate in this event and showcase your Choregraphe skills, develop an app along with the Java developers and offer your help. Register on meetup.com and join your local JUG or create a public meeting in your city to gather with other developers and make some awesome apps!


Interview with Audrick Fausta « Combination about dance and robotics »

Audrick Fausta have been a mechatronics engineer at Aldebaran Robotics. During his free time, he worked with NAO by combining his passions, robotics and hip hop dance. In October 2013, he made a choregraphy with NAO, the result was bluffing! Just look at that! Prototype episode 02 : Alpha Tauri from Audrick on Vimeo. We had the chance to make an interview with him. He explained how to realize a choregraphy with NAO, only with Choregraphe software and what he feels like to dance with a robot. We invite you to discover this interview! Enjoy!


Happy New Year with NAO!

Yes, it's this time of year again, and we just wanted to share a little something with you... We hope you'll like it! (If you want to share this with your friends, we also have a special website at www.nao-2014.com) We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let's meet again in 2014 to keep on changing the world!  

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