Sandrine Tourcher and NAO

How to make your applications more intuitive?

We worked with Sandrine Tourcher to establish a list of questions one should always have in mind when designing an app for NAO or Pepper to create a better interaction between a robot and a human. As User eXperience (UX) experts, she and her team are in charge of all the usability improvements of Aldebaran’s products, from our websites and software to your interactions with the robots. It’s important to know that building a good User eXperience is a team work with interaction designers, visual designers, developers, usability experts and strategy representatives. In this multidisciplinary team, the UX expert has two roles. He is able to evaluate the experience the user is living with our products to identify issues and detect improvement levers, but also to be an actor of these changes as a usability expert. She describes their role as “user’s advocate” by representing users in the conception team to make every products and content intuitive, efficient and easy to use for them. From this perspective she brings some insight, golden rules and advices that might also be helpful to developers working on robots at home, like you. 1 - What’s the intended audience for what I’m building?


What's new in Choregraphe 2.1

A few days ago we released a new version of NAOQI that runs both on NAO and Pepper. With it came a new version of Choregraphe through which you can access all the new functionalities of our robots : dialog, facial recognition… We sat down with Victor Paléologue to talk about what’s new in this release. Please introduce yourself and your work at Aldebaran. I’m working with the Desktop Team. We’re in charge of all of Aldebaran’s graphical apps, including Choregraphe, a powerful tool to develop apps for the robot. We also work on Monitor, and some other tools for internal use. My job is to take NAOQI and to create graphical interfaces to control it, with small modules and a little bit of refinement of what’s already in NAOQI. Sometimes I’ll work on NAOQI, for example to make sure we have events on what’s happening with the robot or the mechanics of launching behaviors. In the end everything that has to do with the graphical language has to do with what’s happening in NAOQI, and in the robot. So we can thank you for the


Opening the world first Aldebaran Atelier Paris

Last night in Paris, we opened the door of our first Aldebaran Atelier. The first of its kind, it's a place where you can meet Pepper and NAO and interact with them, wether as a complete beginner or as an advanced developer. We've got a discovery area, a learning space with PCs where you can use Choregraphe 2.1, and a developer corner where you can work on your apps, test them on NAO and Pepper and get help from our experts. Bruno Maisonnier officially cut the ribbon after a speech in which he expressed his vision for robotics' future and Aldebaran's place in it. We believe in a future where millions of people will own a robot, where they will become a unique place in our lives, and will be a new platform for video games and entertainment among other fields. Bruno also announced we've just recruited our 500th employee, a few days before our 9th anniversary. As a developer, this place is


The Story of Pepper's launch

On June 5th, we revealed our new robot to the world in a SoftBank event, and the reactions have come pouring by thousaands ever since. Here's a condensed version of the world reaction to this new emotional robot. [<a href="//storify.com/Aldebaran_news/pepper-the-robot-is-born" target="_blank">View the story "Pepper the Robot is born!" on Storify</a>]


Listen to our 3rd Aldebaran Developers Podcast

Here we are again with our monthly developer podcast! What can you expect this month? We had a lot of work, as usual, but we managed to have two interviews: The first one with Franck Calzada, in order to talk about him, his projects, the way he develops, and what's happening to him with his new company The second one with Benjamin Le Cam and Thibault Depost to talk about NAO Evo, the latest version of NAO. They shared informations about the latest enhancements on the hardware of your favorite companion. We really hope you will enjoy listening to this podcast, at least as much as we enjoyed making it. Everything is not perfect, and we still hope to improve the sound in some ways, but we're pretty proud of what's happening after only three episodes.  


Meet a NAO developer : interview with Aymeric Weinbach

Continuing our series of interviews with prominent developers of the NAO community, (after Choksolis and Dave Snowdon), we're now introducing Aymeric Weinbach, aka Zecloud. Aymeric has built several useful domestic apps for NAO, and he's a very active member of the community. But we're going to let him introduce himself. Hello Aymeric, can you please introduce yourself and your robot to our readers? Hello I’m Aymeric Weinbach I work actually as a developer freelance consultant and I started my own company to work on, among other  applications for Nao For how long have you been a NAO Developer and why did you enter this Community? I’ve been a NAO developer for almost 3 years , I’ve entered this community because I’ve always wanted to put a  step into robotics. And at the start of the developer program it seems to be a great opportunity to have a discounted Nao and to use my ideas to create some great apps for NAO.


NAO UK User Group, second impact

For the second time this year, the NAO UK user group organized its meeting last Saturday to talk about the latest projects, NAO’s evolutions and the future of robotics. Seven developers gathered at the Red Lion Pub in the center of London (obviously, the British way): Dave Snowdon, Mike McFarlane, Carl Clement, Christie Nel, Joe Palmer, Davide La Sala and Alan Rushforth. From left to right: Jean-Philippe Chatain, Alan Rushforth, Carl Clement, Joe Palmer and Christie Nel. Aldebaran was also there with Emilie Nérot from the Community Management team and Jean-Philippe Chatain, former trainee at Aldebaran and NAO lover. We already knew that UK NAO Devs were part of a key user group. Considering the various events they plan to organize this year and in 2015, it is now certain that they are one of the most active NAO user group in the world. Moreover, those upcoming events should interest a wider public than usually but we cannot say more for the moment.


NAO at GeeCon and Hacktory

We spent last week in Krakow to take part in several events we were invited to. “We” is Nicolas & Cédric from the community team, Erwan, our Java specialist, and of course NAO! First up was a workshop at Hackerspace Krakow. To introduce NAO and Choregraphe to this local hacker community, we took them through the Devoxx 4 Kids workshop. The workshop may have been created with kids in mind but it’s also great for adults, who may just get through it a little quicker, obviously. Next was Geecon, a 3 day Java conference with over a thousand developers. NAO got, as usual, a lot of positive attention from the attendees. We actually had a couple of NAOs on the floor playing soccer at some point, but the best part was getting to meet the developers, discussing NAO and robotics with them, and even, in Erwan’s case, getting help on Java to stream NAO’s camera feed to an Android phone. NAO may have enjoyed best getting behind Luxoft’s guitar hero drum kit :


5 questions to Aldebaran' studio superstar Alexandre Mazel

Alexandre Mazel is a historical figure of Aldebaran and is much known among the Community for his work both on NAO and on Romeo and also for his awesome Youtube channel (we are not even mentioning his hair). Just as we did for Rodolphe Gélin and Romeo a few month ago, we wanted to let the community ask several questions to Alexandre. Today is D-Day with tips on how he daily works at Aldebaran and who cuts his hair. How do you work as a team (with Valentin for example, you have very different backgrounds) and what is your creation process? In my previous company (it was in the video game field), I was used to working hand in hand with animators and graphic designers because it's a pleasure to share vision and it was always a great source of inspiration. So naturally when we realized that our work on NAO requires a lot of movement animations, we looked for an animator, and so we hired Valentin. Our method of creation is quite simple: we're going to lunch with the team and we're throwing as many bullshit and silly ideas as possib


NAO cheering Developers for the biggest French coding contest

Last Thursday, NAO and the Aldebaran Team attended a very special event in the French coding world that is to say the biggest coding contest of the year: Meilleur Dev de France.

The event was held at 42, a new coding and engineering school founded by the successful entrepreneur Xavier Niel. The contest gathered around 1000 developers from various companies and schools for a 3 hours marathon from 8pm to 11pm. Ready to code? NAO was there to cheer them on (he has some sympathy toward developers ). Aymeric Weinbach (aka Zecloud) from the Developer Community was also here to show how he can make the most of NAO’s possibilities as an individual developer. Aymeric made some demonstrations of his h

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