NAO action figures vignette

Fan shop's grand opening: here come the mini NAO action figures!

Everybody loves NAO. At least I do! So I’m quite excited to announce to you the opening of the brand new fan shop! Launched on November the 24th, the shop offers official goodies and apparels from Aldebaran. The first products are two mini action figures of NAO Evolution in blue or in red. So personally, I know what I will ask Santa for Christmas because these cute buddies are already available for Europe, Japan, the U.S.A and Canada. Moreover, some

Vignette Customer Care

Meet the Aldebaran's staff: The Customer Service

Have you ever wondered who are the people taking care of your broken robots? Aldebaran provides After-Sales Services in order to help and fix any potential problems you might encounter, whether it’s related to software or hardware, on any of Aldebaran’s products. The service is composed of several teams that are working together to take care of you. These teams include the customer care, logistics, repair, fleet management, and so on. With nearly 7 000 NAOs throughout the world, and the release of Pepper in Japan, this is indeed an essential department at Aldebaran. I have met Emilio Roth, who is the manager of the customer care EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa) team, to learn more. Hello Emilio! First of all, can you explain the role of your team? Basically, it’s to be there for the clients. That means, we receive all the calls, e-mails, and tickets that the clients send with their problems and we find the solutions. Besides that, we take care of our fleet of robots out in the world. What we try to do is to have a whole review of all our fleet of robots worldwide. Can you introduce the members of your team?

Anne Snowdon vignette

Digital Girl Award: a budding NAO developer among the finalist!

The European Digital Girl of the Year is an international award, part of the Ada Awards, which is aimed at promoting the use of digital skills among girls. Among this year's finalists, there is a nine years old NAO developer! Following the footsteps of her father Dave, Anne Snowdon is interested in digital technologies. She is member of the coding club of her school and she programs thanks to drag and drop solutions such as Scracth or Choregraphe. Here is an exclusive interview of Anne and you can also have a look to her nomination video below. Hello Anne. Can you introduce yourself briefly? I'm a big fan of My Little Pony and like animals, history and robots. Right now I'm really into making things with loom bands. You are among the finalists for European Digital Girl of the year. Congratulations for that. Can you explain us what is this prize and what you did to be qualified? How do you feel about t

Hackathon NAO - Cité des sciences

NAO Hackathon at La Cité des Sciences (Paris)

For the 2nd time, the Carrefour Numérique organization belonging to Paris’ City of Sciences held a NAO Hackathon in partnership with Aldebaran. From Friday the 24th to Sunday the 26th of October, five teams composed of 5 students and engineers had to work on creating behaviors for the robot with a special topic in mind: the relationships between humans and robots (‘Loving my robot a lot, passionately, not at all’).   A la Cité des Sciences pour la présentation des projets du #HackathonNao #NAOrobot pic.twitter.com/nNZpJkaNjm — Emilie Nérot (@emilienerot) October 26, 2014   Friday m


Update on the new community website

I’m writing this article because, judging the reactions we’ve had since the release of the new community website, I get the feeling we need to give you some insights on what is happening. Instead of explaining what we have at the moment, and why it’s not working so well, I’ll first thank those of you who took some time to share bugs and feedbacks with us, and explain what is our goal in the end with this revamp. First of all, the revamp of the site is done in two parts: the first one that was released for PepperTechFes on sept 20th, and a second and final release which should take place before the end of this year. Meanwhile, we’re doing continuous improvements on bugs and features. There are two main features that are core to this new website: the forum and the projects. Let discuss them one by one: the forum: There are two types of use cases for the forum: threads where the goal is to start a conversation, and threads where the goal is to get an answer to a question. For the first case, nothing new, you can use the forum to discuss everything you want as you always did. For the second case, a new feature will allow the original poster to highlight the most useful answer and Aldebaran to hig

Nao jedi

JavaOne 2014

From sept 28th to october 2nd, our team attended JavaOne in San Francisco, the biggest conference world-wide dedicated to Java. We wanted to promote our new Java and JavaScript SDKs, since they allow you to create apps even if at the moment, you can’t distribute them through the store. Our agenda was pretty busy: On saturday 27th, we attended a Devoxx4Kids event, that gathered about 150 kids. Fifty of them decided to take the NAO workshop, which was led by developer program member Daniel De Luca. They really enjoyed it, only regretting that it only last for 2 hours.   #Devoxx4Kids event #JavaOne - #NAO robot having fun. pic.twitter.com/29A1RUw5OV — Christian Damsgaard (@Damzgaard) September 28, 2014 On monday 29th, we had 3 hands-on labs of two hours each. Erwan Pinault and Emile Kroeger, both engineers at Aldeb

Pepper Tech Festival

Pepper Tech Festival 2014

On the 20th September was held the Pepper Tech Festival, an event organized by Softbank in Tokyo. There were around 1000 people that could attend it. If most of them were developers, some famous members of the video game and robotics industries were also seen in the audience. The opening was performed by 5 peppers, as you can see on this video. In the conference room, the keynote in the morning was mainly done by SoftBank Robotics CEO Fumihide Tomizawa and Aldebaran CEO Bruno Maisonnier, who shared their vision of a world with robots. In the afternoon, the content was more technical. After a panel talk with several people who already started developing with Pepper, there was an introduction to

Nao Questions

5 questions about NAO that people could ask you…

And the answers you could give! When you like robotics and own a robot such as NAO, it can occur that you want to showcase him to your families, your friends, people you want to impress or to make envious. However, if it’s quite easy to answer technical questions as developers or geeks, it’s sometime harder to answer to general questions. So here we are to help you! We have selected 5 questions that people could ask you and thought about the answers you could give. What is the use? Besides being a cute little buddy, NAO is an autonomous, interactive robot companion which is completely programmable. Today NAO is used for education, development, and research around the world in prestigious universities, schools, and research labs for a variety of implementations including as a STEM learning tool, development and research platform, and special education teaching friend. Can it wash the dishes or clean my house? As NAO doesn’t really like water, it might not be too good at cleaning or doing the dishes. NAO has a wide range of skills and abilities and we have inventive developers creating applications to assist them with daily life tasks. However NA

vignette Carl Clement

Meet a NAO developer: interview with Carl Clement

First of all, can you introduce yourself? My name is Carl Clement, I am a professional software developer and I run a development company based in the south of England, which specialises in brand/marketing, digital media delivery and corporate websites. We have recently opened a new division, called Emotion Robotics, which will be reselling NAO and services related to Aldebaran robots. Have you always worked in the field of robotics? I have been playing with robotics development as a hobby since the late 1980s. A lot of this has been based around a self-build or kit-based hardware and programming microcontrollers. In the late 1990s I attempted to build a biped walking robot and then was involved in the beta testing of some of the early humanoid robot kits from Korea. For the last 4 years I have had my NAO and have been developing on NAO almost exclusively. Recently, with the creation of Emotion Robotics, I have been able to make robotics part of my working life as well as my hobby. How did you discover NAO? I remember reading about NAO and thinking “wow, imagine having a robot like that” but I was convinced that something as advanced as NAO would be out of my price range. Then I read a Robot Dreams’ blog post about the NAO Developer program. I think I thought about it for a whol

vignette NAOConf

UK NAOConf 2014

This last weekend was held the NAOCONF 2014 in London, the first developer organized un-conference based around NAO in the world. This event was organized by the UK NAO user group that wanted to do something different than their usual hackathons (which are by the way very nice). As Dave Snowdon had some experience of attending unconferences, he suggested this approach which is an opportunity for likeminded individuals to get together. The first evening started well with an ice-breaking moment where everyone could chat and enjoyed a drink or two. Every morning, people proposed what they would like to talk about. Everyone attending was then voting on the talks they wanted to hear. Thus, there were a few formal keynotes planned but most of the event was filled with talks proposed and prepared by the attendees. There were several formats: full talks around 1 hour, short lightning talks around 10 minutes and workshops and discussions around 1 hour. And every day ended with panel discussions on subjects such as robot emotions and feelings and what future can we imagine for NAO and the role of the community in that one.

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