Émilie N.

Write it like it’s hot

Do you remember the old times when you had to type to write ideas down or to take notes? Oh yes you remember well and this guy was your favorite buddy:

Hello, I’m Mister Keyboard

Despite being pleasantly noisy and allowing you to hide some pizza for later, Mister Keyboard has gone absolutely out of fashion.

But who has stolen all the hype? Wait for it… A small, dark, soft and sexy looking other guy: Mister Notebook.

Hi girl, I’m Mister Notebook

Despite what he looks like, Mister Notebook is not only a simple notebook. Far from it. Mister Notebook has a classic and dark cover imitating leather with a seated NAO embossed.

He also has 112 pages numbered backwards, YEAH BACKWARD, allowing you to know when your incredible story with Mister Notebook is over.

His size, 22x13 cm, allows you to carry him everywhere easily and the elastic strap gives you the possibility to clip Mister Pen (which we do not produce yet, please don’t cry).

With a Munken Print 90g/m² paper, Mister Notebook will provide you the best experience of writing bringing your notes to a whole new level.

His table of contents and his front organizer located in the inside back-cover will satisfy the messiest ones and eventually allow you to store some more bacon for lunch break.

This is what Mister Notebook is made of. To buy one, go to Aldebaran’s Fan Shop. He is available in black and can be shipped to Europe, Japan, U.S.A and Canada.

But wait, there’s more. Mister T-Shirt is also coming very soon.

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