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Want to know what the New Community is all about? This way please

You may have already noticed (and if not, this article is for you) that we made some updates on Community a few days ago.

Since we want everything to be as simple as it can be, here is a little recap of the new functionalities you will find here.

Me, myself and I

First of all, the new Dashboard gives you a quick overview of what you might have missed on Community. This page is customized with the threads, projects or topics you are currently following.

New Community Dashboard

You can follow threads (like Code), sub threads (like Motion) or specific topics to stay informed on the forum. By clicking on 'follow' you will receive emails every time there is a new topic or a new answer (depending on what you are following).

Beautiful people

Find your Friends on Community

Since Community wouldn’t be Community without its members, all of you guys have now your own personal member page. It gives you a summary of one’s activity and information.

Also, to let you appreciate the breadth of the community, we have added a map of the members that you can find at the bottom of the member list page. So do not hesitate to fill in your location on your profile to appear on the map (and eventually find NAO fans near you). To do so, you simply have to click on your profile picture on the dashboard and edit your profile.

New Community Map

I don’t wanna miss a thing

We also added an Events section. Hackathons, conferences, exhibitions, everyone can share events with the rest of the community.  Once your submission has been approved by the Aldebaran team, it will appear in the Events panel.

New Community Events

With a little help from my friends

Feel like working in group? Well, there are also fresh news regarding the Projects section. The workflow allows you to manage different tasks. You can assign a task to an other member and also upload files in the Project to run it at its best.

New Community Avengers

Community projects, yeah it’s almost like that

You’ve got mail

And last, but not least, you can now send and receive private messages. We got you 50 MB of space to share ideas, projects and documents or simply to say hi to a friend.

New Community Message Box


Other features will be added in the upcoming months, but for now, we hope these little updates will satisfy you. We are also preparing in-depth articles that will give you the opportunity to make the most of the Community website.

By the way, don’t hesitate to send us more feedbacks on the dedicated thread. After all, this website is yours. Wink


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