Nicolas R.

See and Listen : discover an app for Pepper

Let’s say you just bought Pepper.

No, in fact, let’s say you bought it a few weeks ago.

You’ve been waiting for it since that moment. And today’s the big day. Pepper is arriving to your home. You unpack it, you turn it on. And you expect the magic to happen!


But how to interact with Pepper ? Will it see your face? Understand your voice ? React to your commands ?


In order to help, we created an application called “See and Listen”. In less than 15mn and in 6 steps, you’ll learn how to behave with your robot.

But rather than talking about it, we did a serie of videos so you can get a better idea of the experience. We hope you’ll like it, and we definitely wait for your feedbacks.

Part one: Stars

Part two: Cucumber

Part three: Hop Hop

Part four: Planets

Part five: Orbit

edit 09/03/15: adding the sixth part Compass


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