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Pepper Tech Festival 2014

Pepper Tech FestivalOn the 20th September was held the Pepper Tech Festival, an event organized by Softbank in Tokyo.

There were around 1000 people that could attend it. If most of them were developers, some famous members of the video game and robotics industries were also seen in the audience.

The opening was performed by 5 peppers, as you can see on this video.

In the conference room, the keynote in the morning was mainly done by SoftBank Robotics CEO Fumihide Tomizawa and Aldebaran CEO Bruno Maisonnier, who shared their vision of a world with robots.

In the afternoon, the content was more technical.

After a panel talk with several people who already started developing with Pepper, there was an introduction to Choregraphe and NAOqi APIs that was made by Akiho Shibata from SoftBank, and Angelica Lim and Taylor Veltrop from Aldebaran.

In the showroom, some companies were doing demonstration of what they already managed to create for Pepper. Here are some examples of what was showcased:

  • Double dialog, by 1-10 Design: two synchronized Pepper are chatting with someone and alternatively deal the text between each other or say it at the same time.
  • Picking up objects, by Sofnec: Pepper can pick a cube and put it over another one.
  • Pepper orchestra, by Maywa Denki: a music performance performed by Pepper and a group of musicians using crazy instruments.
  • A remote for Pepper used as a smart house interface, by Yukai.
  • Pepper sketch artist: Pepper memorizes your face and draws it on his tablet.

The two main elements to remember about the conference are:

  • A clarification about the pricing of Pepper: it’s 2000$ + 100$/month for 36 months.
  • A lot of interest for Choregraphe, and a real good surprise to discover how easy and powerful it is.

People who attended the TechFes had the opportunity to order their own Pepper for an early delivery (before the consumer release). Several hundred were pre-sold, which highlights the great interest of people for Pepper in Japan.

We are now looking forward to seeing what they will come up with. Meanwhile, you will be able to meet all these new developers, since they will be joining us on the new community website.

Niko's Bonus: Here are some pictures of the graphic research for Pepper. Enjoy! Wink

Graphic research Pepper 1 Graphic research Pepper 2

Graphic research Pepper 3 Graphic research Pepper 4

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