Opening the world first Aldebaran Atelier Paris

Last night in Paris, we opened the door of our first Aldebaran Atelier. The first of its kind, it's a place where you can meet Pepper and NAO and interact with them, wether as a complete beginner or as an advanced developer. We've got a discovery area, a learning space with PCs where you can use Choregraphe 2.1, and a developer corner where you can work on your apps, test them on NAO and Pepper and get help from our experts.

Aldebaran Atelier Paris

Bruno Maisonnier officially cut the ribbon after a speech in which he expressed his vision for robotics' future and Aldebaran's place in it. We believe in a future where millions of people will own a robot, where they will become a unique place in our lives, and will be a new platform for video games and entertainment among other fields. Bruno also announced we've just recruited our 500th employee, a few days before our 9th anniversary.

Aldebaran Atelier Bruno Maisonnier's talk

As a developer, this place is really your place where you can meet, share, create… open 10 hours a day, five days a week. During and after opening hours, it’ll also be a place for us to organise hackathons, conferences and all types of events.

And last but not least, it’s also the first place anyone outside Tokyo will be able to meet Pepper!

Aldebaran Atelier Robots' Hands

And if you don’t live in France, don’t worry : this is only the first place of many more like it. Soon we’ll open others in Tokyo, then the US. Today Paris, tomorrow the world!

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