Nighthacking worldwide... starring NAO

Stephen Chin of is the creator of the NightHacking events, during which the Java community gets together and, fueled by enthusiasm and cafeine, hacks all night long.

Here’s what the first worldwide nighthacking event looked like.

The second worldwide NightHacking event will take place on February 20th, and Aldebaran Robotics will partner with him to introduce Choregraphe and NAO to  the Java community all around the world!

Do you have robot ? As a member of our developper program or an academic, even if you’re not a member of the Java community, you can participate in this event and showcase your Choregraphe skills, develop an app along with the Java developers and offer your help.

Register on and join your local JUG or create a public meeting in your city to gather with other developers and make some awesome apps!

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