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NAOqi update: 2.1.3 version

NAOqi 2.1.3 update

Good news everyone, a new version of NAOqi has been released! The version 2.1.3 will be available on April, 15 2015 for NAO' owners. It fixes an important bug that some of you might have encountered on the NAO Evolution robots. It had to do with a continuous flow of diagnosis warning notifications when NAO’s ShoulderPitch motors were getting too hot.

To avoid this issue, we strongly recommend you to upgrade your NAO. To set up the upgrade, you can find help in the ‘NAO Upgrade guide’ in the ‘Resources’ section of Community.

Talking about user guides, our ‘First Steps with NAO’ guide has been updated and includes now first steps with Webotstm to help you discover this 3D simulation software. We also issued a Boxing NAO guide ! It gives you all the useful tips to safely pack NAO in its box before traveling.

If you encounter any trouble, please notify us via the forum.

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