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NAO Hackathon at La Cité des Sciences (Paris)

Hackathon NAO - Cité des sciencesFor the 2nd time, the Carrefour Numérique organization belonging to Paris’ City of Sciences held a NAO Hackathon in partnership with Aldebaran. From Friday the 24th to Sunday the 26th of October, five teams composed of 5 students and engineers had to work on creating behaviors for the robot with a special topic in mind: the relationships between humans and robots (‘Loving my robot a lot, passionately, not at all’).



Friday morning was dedicated to introducing Choregraphe to the participants. Salah from Aldebaran ensured the training and the whole support during this 36 hours marathon. 

Friday afternoon and the whole Saturday were dedicated to brainstorming, creating and developing on NAO before Sunday’s projects presentation. Teams worked really hard (from 10am to 1am!) to build creative and interactive behaviors for an audience mostly composed of parents and kids. They also had to deal with technical challenges and issues which sometimes gave them a hard time.

After a finale race from 10am to 4pm on Sunday (and also a bit of stress), it was time to unveil the work of the 25 NAO developers. The teams showed their project to an excited and very curious audience.



Kids could take part in the various presentations: multi-choice questions scenario, stories of Yoda NAO calling a X-Wing built in the FabLab, Simon Says games, photos apps etc. As usual, they were very attracted by the robots and interacted with NAO naturally. Some of them, very young, were even more curious than their parents asking how it was possible to give life to the robot and when the robot would be available for the general public (which is a priority right now for us).

This second Hackathon was really pleasant to hold with a highly motivated staff and committed participants. The teams had also an access to the City of Science’s Fablab equipped with 3D printers, laser die cutters and more allowing them to create accessories and to go further in their projects.

Therefore, Aldebaran will be glad to participate to a third edition and to bring once again NAO to the development and educational world.


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