Nicolas R.

NAO Developer Podcast #5

Yes, it's been a long time since we released our last podcast, almost 6 months! But don't freak out, here's the last issue!

What do we talk about in this one? Well, there are two interviews:

  • The first one is with Line Patris. Line is working as an engineer at Aldebaran, in the Dialog team. She's discussing the new dialog engine and all the things you can now take advantage of as a developer.
  • The second interview is with Steve Chin. Steve is a Java evangelist, and he's be doing a lot with NAO over the last 15 months. He's been kind enough to discuss it with us.

Also, as you can hear at the end of the podcast, we'd like to make it more interactive. Our first idea is to let you ask your questions, whatever they are. You can do that here, or send them on Twitter to our account (@NAOrobot) or using the hashtag #NAOPodcast. For the next podcast, we'll pick some of them, and invite people from Aldebaran so as to give you answers.

Of course, as usual, all comments about the podcast are welcome! We hope you'll enjoy it!

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