Meeting Java lovers at Jfokus in Stockholm

Last week, Java fans from Sweden and all over Europe could meet at a dedicated event held in Stockholm: Jfokus. Aldebaran Robotics’ team had the pleasure to participate to this event.

The conference was located on the very core of Stockholm and lasted from the 3th to the 5th of February. Our team arrived the day before in order to see the premises and even more meet the super staff here. Mattias Karlsson, in charge of the whole organization, was really helpful to us and to our small companions.

The conference keynote took place on Tuesday the 4th and was presented by NAO himself. However, we were struck by the “demo curse”. Indeed, our robot friend was not a “dancing queen” this time and fell during his Thriller performance. But as you can see, the audience was really nice to him. Wink



Then, Nicolas Rigaud went on stage to introduce Aldebaran Robotics and NAO to the audience.

Sometimes, you can feel directly concerned by what we call Murphys’ law. In fact, our original speaker, Dimitri Merejkowsky, got sick and we had to ask for another speaker to come directly from France on Monday. This is how we introduce you to the other “Java Guy”: Erwan Pinault.

After lunch, Erwan explained how we could use Java for programing NAO. This was his first public talk and he did well so thank you very much Erwan!

The day after, people could meet us at the booth with Michael Laurac, our sales manager. NAO played soccer a lot, walked with people and enjoyed the kindness and curiosity of Java lovers as you can see.

Stockholm was definitely a great experience to us all and we really want to come back to show more to Swedish developers and tech fans. We hope to see more people from Sweden in our community too.

After all, they have got Zlatan and reindeers (the last one tastes pretty good)!

P.S: an additional special thanks to Christoph Engelbert from Hazelcast Inc. See you soon at another Java conference. Wink

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