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JavaOne 2014

From sept 28th to october 2nd, our team attended JavaOne in San Francisco, the biggest conference world-wide dedicated to Java.

We wanted to promote our new Java and JavaScript SDKs, since they allow you to create apps even if at the moment, you can’t distribute them through the store.

Our agenda was pretty busy:

  • On saturday 27th, we attended a Devoxx4Kids event, that gathered about 150 kids. Fifty of them decided to take the NAO workshop, which was led by developer program member Daniel De Luca. They really enjoyed it, only regretting that it only last for 2 hours.

Devoxx4kids NAO workshop


  • On monday 29th, we had 3 hands-on labs of two hours each. Erwan Pinault and Emile Kroeger, both engineers at Aldebaran, presented NAOqi and our APIs and were also there to provide support to the developers in order to make sure they would reach their goals. One of them managed to create from scratch an android app to control NAO for example.

Hands on labs

  • On wednesday 1st, we gave a 1 hour talk that gathered a bit more than 50 people. It was a nice opportunity to answer questions from the audience, and surprising to discover that apart from questions related to Java, they had lots of questions about the use of NAO with autistic kids.


  • On thursday, Aldebaran CEO Bruno Maisonnier was on stage to talk at the JavaOne Community Keynote. In front of 3000 people, he explained why he decided to set up a company to create humanoid robots and why he thinks developers should pay attention to that emerging market.

All along the week, we also managed a booth on the Oracle exhibitor space. Usually we do some demos of NAO - NAO dancing, NAO playing soccer - but this time, it was different.

A first guy came to us because he wanted to use some light saber (that was given away as a goodie by some other exhibitor) with NAO.

Then came this second guy, who had built his own robot, and who was wondering if we’d be interested in a light saber fight between NAO and his robot.

Of course we were!

So we started doing some peer programming on our booth, teaching NAO how to fight against the enemies of the Force. Emile Kroeger even created a webpage with buttons to click so as to make the fight even easier to manage.




Having *quite* a lot of fun teaching the NAO robot to wield a lightsaber at #JavaOne

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Since I’m pretty sure you want to know the result of the fight, let me first say that “the other robot” had his batteries in his legs, which gave him an unfair advantage in terms of balance. Smile

But NAO can always rely on his friends, as you’ll discover in the videos below.

Once again, that was definitely a great conference to attend. And I really hope we’ll be able to make it again next year.

Want more?

  • Check out the JavaOne's blog to read several articles about the event.
  • Here is a 10 minutes video of the Lightsaber Battle.
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