Introducing NAO and Chorégraphe to pupils with Programatoo

Last Monday, Salah Amer (a previous DP member) and Emilie Nérot (community manager) went to Nanterre’s Pablo Picasso elementary school to introduce NAO to young and curious spirits.

This class was part of a whole program aiming at teaching children the basis of programming (using Scratch or Kidsruby for example). This program, called Programatoo, is organised by SFEIR (which we know well since we have been holding several editions of NAO sur Seine in their parisian office).

The group was composed of ten young girls and boys thrilled to discover their two new tiny friends.

After a short introduction to Chorégraphe, the children were ask to build a little story and to add some basic behaviours to that story.

We thought that writing the story would have been the easiest part but it seems that children do not mess with stories. Indeed, they did their best to create amazing ones from poetry to pirates eaten by sharks (it seems that pirates are very popular among children, we don’t know why…). Biggrin

Discovering the kids’ reactions when NAO told their stories was the funiest part. It is amazing to see how enthusiastic they are and how they plan to get a NAO in the future. It also seems that some of them were truly interested in robotics. Maybe we have found tomorrow’s genius.

Ultimately, we want to thank Aline and Audrey for the warm welcome and for the great job they do with the children. Keep going girls!

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