Émilie N.

Get your hands on Choregraphe and become a roboticist (yeah for real)

Did you know that you could play the roboticist even if you do not own a robot? I guess I already had your curiosity. Now I have your attention.

Indeed, our visual programming interface Choregraphe is available for everyone who wants to get his/her hands on the gorgeous boxes thing thanks to a three month free trial.

How do I get Choregraphe? (please tell me)

To download Choregraphe, simply sign in on Community, go to the Aldebaran Software page and then click on the Choregraphe suit to find the latest version of the software for Linux, Mac and Windows OS.

You will also have access to older versions (only the 1.14.5 one for the moment but we will add more of them soon).

You got the Choregraphe you were looking for? It is now time for you to install it. The whole process is described in the Choregraphe Documentation in case. Wink


What can I do with Choregraphe?

Well plenty of things but basically, Choregraphe will allow you to give life to your robot without knowing how to code and without owning one. Choregraphe is a visual programming interface working on a box basis. First, assemble boxes of different types (speech, move, face tracking) and see what happen on your simulated robot!

Then start creating your own animation and dialogs through dedicated modes and build behaviors to get a fully working application.


Behind each box are some Python lines of code hiding meaning that you can also play with them if you master the language. Here are some clues to start playing with Python directly through Choregraphe boxes.


Don’t forget that the Choregraphe Documentation is also online to help you on most of the things you want to do. If you are looking for something that is not in the Documentation, the Community and our staff will be happy to help you on the Aldebaran forum.


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