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Finally, a Developer Program for all!

Hello there. If you’ve logged into the Community recently, you may have noticed a new tab catch your attention. YES, the new Developer Program is finally out and it has been revamped!

Indeed, no matter your skill level at programming or the amount of time you want to spend on projects, you will be able to join the beta version of the Aldebaran Developer Program for free starting beginning of July.

Developers Program

You don’t need to own an Aldebaran robot to take part in this new adventure. We have worked hard to accumulate all the software and information needed for everyone to be able to create  applications for NAO or Pepper. Hardcore coders, animators, artists and basically everybody that has ideas, creativity and motivation is welcome.

The timing for this release is far from insignificant. We strongly believe that with Pepper’s launch for consumers in Japan and the growing interest from big companies in our robots, there is a legitimate need for a robot apps market.

This is why we want to give you all the keys to design your visionary applications for humanoid robots and maybe answer general consumers or specific companies’ needs. Thus, we have decided to release our graphical programming interface, Choregraphe, for everyone that has joined the new Developer Program. If you’ve never heard of Choregraphe, here is a good introduction to this easy to use software.

Python, C++ and Java masters will also find what they need to drive deeper into programming with our free NAOqi SDK and our SDK Simulator.

The technical documentation will still be your best friend to improve your skills on robot programming. And remember, if you’ve looked everywhere and have not found what you’re  looking for, the forum will allow you to connect and get answers from our engineers and  the whole global Community. By the way, this is also a great place to meet new people .

This is for the upcoming weeks but there is more to come. As said before, the robots apps market is almost here. Therefore, we are thinking of new ways to give you the ability to showcase your applications and to be able to submit them for qualification and validation sometimes in 2016.

Today we are at a stage similar to the beginning of the smartphone’s apps market, started a decade ago. Now the question is, who will be the first to jump in and shape what living with a robot will look like?

It's all up to you now to show what you're about.  ;)

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