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Fan shop's grand opening: here come the mini NAO action figures!

Everybody loves NAO. At least I do! So I’m quite excited to announce to you the opening of the brand new fan shop!

Launched on November the 24th, the shop offers official goodies and apparels from Aldebaran.

The first products are two mini action figures of NAO Evolution in blue or in red.

So personally, I know what I will ask Santa for Christmas because these cute buddies are already available for Europe, Japan, the U.S.A and Canada.

NAO action figures 1

NAO action figure blue

NAO action figure red

Moreover, some useful accessories are also available for those who already own a NAO (a real one).

More products are coming in 2015, including notebooks and T-shirts. So stay tuned!

And while you are waiting for new products, don’t hesitate to make your own “NAO action figure’s video clip” and share it with us! Wink

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