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Devoxx4Kids workshop in Berkeley

After the success of the first edition last year, a new Devoxx4Kids workshop was held in Berkeley. On saturday 14th, Nicolas, from our French Community team, James, from our Boston office and NAO met with 30 kids at the Black Pine Circle School. During 2 hours, the kids were able to familiarise with NAO Robot and its software, Choregraph. Nicolas and James had prepared a workshop leading to the creation and the use of an application for NAO Robot.

If you are interested, you can check out Nicolas and James' workshop on Slideshare.


For those of you who are not familiar with Devoxx4Kids, the project aims to introduce kids to programming and Robotics in a fun way. Workshops and activities are organized in different countries around the world for 5 to 15 years old kids. Aldebaran delivers workshops to introduce kids and their parents to the use and the possibilities of NAO Robots and Choregraphe, but volunteers with programming skills can also share their passion with the youth thanks to Devoxx4Kids. The exercices proposed are adapted to younger people so they can learn to be creative with a computer.


Nicolas prepared a workshop based on Daniel De Lurca's, a Devoxx4Kids steering member. After setting up NAO, the goals was to create a five-steps behavior for the robot. With the help of Nicolas and James, the kids had to make NAO locates someone and walks toward him or her, then ask for a handkerchief and grab it. Finally, the robot had to ask where to drop it, goes there and drop it. Despite a little lack of time and minor difficulties, the workshop was a success and everyone went back home very happy. You can check out all the pictures on Meetup !

On 11th April, a new workshop will be scheduled in Paris at the Devoxx4Kids France conference, so stay tuned ;).

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