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Aldebaran Atelier is renewing itself

On July 2014, two Aldebaran Ateliers opened in Paris and in Tokyo. These places are dedicated entirely to discovering and interacting with our robots, Pepper and NAO. We happily welcomed some of you over the past year.

Because we believe, as you do, in a future where interactive robots will walk hand in hand with humans in their everyday lives, we launched the Developer Program this summer. 3,000 people have already joined the adventure and thank you for that! The robot apps market will continue to grow in the coming years and this community will have the ability to help shape it.

Today, we want to provide our developer partners with the greatest opportunity for success by offering even more assistance and tools to design anything and everything you can think of. For this reason our Paris Atelier is evolving to become an even more developer-focused space.

Basically, every member of the Developer Program can now participate to trainings, either to learn how to develop with NAO and Pepper or to improve a specific feature of development (animation, dialogue, display ect). Trainings are free of charge and are divided into units based on individual level.

Want to work and test your applications on Pepper or NAO? Great news, you can now book a session at the Atelier to progress and grow your project with assistance from the Atelier team. The Paris Atelier is, for now, the only place in Europe where you can program with Pepper. As you, we believe Pepper offers new development opportunities and we cannot wait for you to get your hands on him!

You will also be able to participate in more robots-enthusiast meetings, events and conferences held at the Atelier with interested members of the community.  Aldebaran’s best specialists will join meetings to share ideas, suggestions and best practices with the community.

Details of the events are described on Aldebaran website and on a dedicated eventbrite page. For now, text is only in French but English translations are coming soon. We will keep you informed of updates!

Aldebaran Atelier New Formule

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