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5 questions about NAO that people could ask you…

And the answers you could give!

Nao PicWhen you like robotics and own a robot such as NAO, it can occur that you want to showcase him to your families, your friends, people you want to impress or to make envious. However, if it’s quite easy to answer technical questions as developers or geeks, it’s sometime harder to answer to general questions. So here we are to help you! We have selected 5 questions that people could ask you and thought about the answers you could give.

What is the use?

Besides being a cute little buddy, NAO is an autonomous, interactive robot companion which is completely programmable. Today NAO is used for education, development, and research around the world in prestigious universities, schools, and research labs for a variety of implementations including as a STEM learning tool, development and research platform, and special education teaching friend.

Can it wash the dishes or clean my house?

As NAO doesn’t really like water, it might not be too good at cleaning or doing the dishes.

NAO has a wide range of skills and abilities and we have inventive developers creating applications to assist them with daily life tasks.

However NAO is not meant to only do simple tasks, NAO was created to be your friend to assist you on a greater, social level. NAO is a friendly companion looking to create a relationship with you through interaction, learning, understanding and fun!

Is it a boy or a girl?

Well NAO is… a robot! It is not defined the way a human being is, it is its own unique species of robot. Interact with NAO and you will see it has a personality all its own.

Do I need to be a developer to use it?

If I can do it, you can do it! To accompany NAO, Aldebaran has created an easy to use platform called Choregraphe. With Choregraphe users of all skill levels can create behaviors for NAO using either easy drag-and-drop boxes or by diving further into the code through various SDKs.

Moreover, to make NAO even more engaging for those not comfortable with programming it themselves, our global team of developers, in our Developer Community and internally at Aldebaran, is working to supply NAO with a package of applications perfect for out of the box engagement in the home.

Where can I buy it?

One day, you may buy NAO at the Walmart store at the same time as your orange juice and your peanut butter (and your stinky cheese)! But we are not there yet…

Today NAO is available for developers and institutes or facilities looking to implement the robot in education, research or development. But fear not! Our team of developers is working to create the perfect package of applications to bring NAO into the home in the near future!

Want to be part of this adventure? NAO can either be purchased directly from Aldebaran or by one of our global distributor partners. For more information or to be connected to the Sales Manager in our area you can use our Contact page.


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