Programing NAO with Choregraphe

We were at Makerland in Warsaw last week to introduce NAO and Choregraphe to the Polish maker community.  Céline and Jessica from Aldebaran animated a workshop for the attendees, and we were lucky enough to have Stephen Chin, Java Evangelist, film this session for us. So if you've never programmed NAO or simply need a refresher on the fundamentals of Choregraphe, this video will be the perfect tutorial for you :


Innorobo 2014: it is D-Day! (contest inside)

Innorobo starts today and we want the exhibition to be an unforgettable experience for all the visitors who will meet us at our booth. Consequently, our nice Marketing team had the great idea to create a little NAO “souvenir”: a pic with your favorite mechanical friend. Enter our photobooth to get your pic with NAO. You can be creative and bring some clothes or anything cute and funny to make your pic even more awesome. And the fun does not end here. You will be able to enter our new contest to win a pack of cool Aldebaran goodies. To do so, you just have to tell our Innorobo team that you want to participate and we will post your pic on a dedicated gallery on Aldebaran’s Facebook Fan Page right here. The rest is easy. The more Likes you get, the closer you are to victory. Tell your friends, your family or your workmates to vote for you and maybe good news will pop up next Friday. Remember that your friends should vote from Tuesday the 18th (10am) to Thursday the 20th (4pm)


Innorobo 2014: we will be there (contest inside)!

Time is running so fast that the middle of March is already coming and Innorobo too! For those who haven’t heard about this incredible event, Innorobo is one of the world’s leading event in the field of robotics and their innovations. And it takes place in France and more specifically from 18 to 20 March at Lyon's Cité Internationale Congress Center. It aims at gathering robotics companies and presenting their innovations to other industries (like farming for instance). Believe us, this sounds very promising with a 3,000 m2 venue, keynote speakers from all over the world, worshops on key issues and booth to meet the companies’teams. Of course, Aldebaran Robotics will also have one at Innorobo. Be sure that seeing us will be a great deal since you will be able to discuss with AR team but also with Developer Program members and to meet NAO’s taller brother Romeo! We will also have a special corner with our HR team for those who would have more in mind… We will post an article on Aldebaran’s Facebook Fan Page soon about how you can maxi


Teaching programing to kids with NAO and Devoxx4kids

Getting kids to learn and enjoy programing from a young age is one of the great challenges of this new century, an NAO is a perfect tool for that.  He’s been used by Daniel De Luca, a member of our developer program, during Devoxx4kids events, and has there are many events taking place all over the world, he’d love for members of the Developer program to reach out and take part in a local event.  “When you see stars in children's eyes the first time they see a real NAO and that those stars are still present at the end of the workshop (contaminating parent's eyes), you get a boost of energy and emotions that make your day.” All you need to run your own Devoxx4kids session is one NAO, and Daniel’s module, which he has made availaible so you can easily teach kids some basics of programing through Choregraphe. “During Devoxx4Kids events we introduce children to computer programming concepts, teaching them what is programming, what is it used for, good programming practice, (reusable code, clean code) how to debug”, says Daniel.

“Choregraphe and NAO provide a perfect combination fo


NAO sur Seine #8: accessibility & animation

The last NAO sur Seine meeting took place on Tuesday night in SFEIR’s office in Neuilly. As usual, this was the occasion for parisian NAO developers to present their current work and for NAO curious to discover more about our little friend.

Well...the view was ok   The first presentation was made by Etienne Membrives (Sterops on the forum). He focused on his Web UI app which allows to control NAO with a computer or a smartphone (like a remote controller). Not just an impressive technical feat, this app gives us an interesting highlight on accessibility issues around NAO and robotics in general.


Introducing NAO and Chorégraphe to pupils with Programatoo

Last Monday, Salah Amer (a previous DP member) and Emilie Nérot (community manager) went to Nanterre’s Pablo Picasso elementary school to introduce NAO to young and curious spirits. This class was part of a whole program aiming at teaching children the basis of programming (using Scratch or Kidsruby for example). This program, called Programatoo, is organised by SFEIR (which we know well since we have been holding several editions of NAO sur Seine in their parisian office). The group was composed of ten young girls and boys thrilled to discover their two new tiny friends.

After a short introduction to Chorégraphe, the children were ask to build a little story and to add some basic behaviours to that story. We thought that writing the story would have been the easiest part but it seems that children do not mess with stories. Indeed, they did their best to create amazing ones from poetry to pirates eaten by sharks (it seems that pirates are very popular among children, we don’t know why…).


Meeting Java lovers at Jfokus in Stockholm

Last week, Java fans from Sweden and all over Europe could meet at a dedicated event held in Stockholm: Jfokus. Aldebaran Robotics’ team had the pleasure to participate to this event. The conference was located on the very core of Stockholm and lasted from the 3th to the 5th of February. Our team arrived the day before in order to see the premises and even more meet the super staff here. Mattias Karlsson, in charge of the whole organization, was really helpful to us and to our small companions.

The conference keynote took place on Tuesday the 4th and was presented by NAO himself. However, we were struck by the “demo curse”. Indeed, our robot friend was not a “dancing queen” this time and fell during his Thriller performance. But as you can see, the audience was really nice to him.


Nighthacking worldwide... starring NAO

Stephen Chin of steveonjava.com is the creator of the NightHacking events, during which the Java community gets together and, fueled by enthusiasm and cafeine, hacks all night long. Here’s what the first worldwide nighthacking event looked like. The second worldwide NightHacking event will take place on February 20th, and Aldebaran Robotics will partner with him to introduce Choregraphe and NAO to  the Java community all around the world! Do you have robot ? As a member of our developper program or an academic, even if you’re not a member of the Java community, you can participate in this event and showcase your Choregraphe skills, develop an app along with the Java developers and offer your help. Register on meetup.com and join your local JUG or create a public meeting in your city to gather with other developers and make some awesome apps!

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