NAO cheering Developers for the biggest French coding contest

Last Thursday, NAO and the Aldebaran Team attended a very special event in the French coding world that is to say the biggest coding contest of the year: Meilleur Dev de France.

The event was held at 42, a new coding and engineering school founded by the successful entrepreneur Xavier Niel. The contest gathered around 1000 developers from various companies and schools for a 3 hours marathon from 8pm to 11pm. Ready to code? NAO was there to cheer them on (he has some sympathy toward developers ). Aymeric Weinbach (aka Zecloud) from the Developer Community was also here to show how he can make the most of NAO’s possibilities as an individual developer. Aymeric made some demonstrations of his h


Listen to our 2nd Aldebaran Developers Podcast

Here it is, the second monthly Aldebaran Developers Podcast! We've heard your feedback since last month and have integrated a lot more content : we've got guests for fascinating interviews, sound effects that will feel like candy for your ears and an overall more dynamic and interesting experience for you.  We're talking a lot about kids this month, as we've invited Olivier & Jessica from Aldebaran to talk about the ASK NAO program, and Daniel De Luca, who will tell us about the awesome Devoxx4kids workshops he's been running with NAOs. So once again, this is a work in progress, we're getting closer to the amazing Dolby THX exeperience we plan on offering you, and your feedback to help us getting there will be greatly appreciated!


NAO's gaze

The mighty Angelica Lim, also known around here as PetiteGeek, has written a fascinating article over at spectrum.ieee.org. Based on Sean Andrist's work at the Univeristy of Wisconsin Madison, who worked on the gaze, and developed a model to find the sweet spot between an uncomfortable continuous gaze and a too randomly looking away robot.  To know more about this research, read Angelica's article and then check out Andrist's paper and code over at this adress. This is a great way to make NAO more friendly and human-like. What other amelioration to his social skills would you like to see?


Meet a NAO developer : interview with Dave Snowdon

After last month's Choksolis interview, we decided to meet another one of the most active members of the developer program. Dave was kind enough to answer our questions. He's passionate about robotics and a brilliant developer working on several really interesting projects with NAO.  Hi Dave. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm Dave Snowdon and I've been on the NAO developer program since August 2011. My career started in the field of multi-user Virtual Reality and I've since worked in academic and industrial research organisations as well as large and small software houses. I am currently a staff engineer at VMware's R&D office in London. A minor claim to fame is that I designed and wrote the software to implement Pete Townshend's (of the WHO) Lifehouse Method which generated about 10,000 unique pieces of music during the time it was online. You can find more links to my various online profiles here and my personal website davesnowdon.com

My NAO is named "Robbie" after the robot in Forbidden Planet and also be


Listen to the first Aldebaran Developers Podcast

Wanna know what our Community team has been up to last week? Wish to learn about the latest amazing projects of the Developer community? Want to hear NAO introduce and gently mock a bunch of puny humans? Then all you need to do is press play!  


Get in shape with NAO and Withings

Like Aldebaran, Withings is a French company at the forefront of its domain, and their domain is connected objects. More precisely, they are building smart objects that, through their ability to connect with your phone, will help you stay in good shape. Withingsc’ first product was their smart body analyser, a smart scale that helps you stay fit. It has been a huge hit, and Withings has since come up with the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, the Smart Baby Monitor and Pulse, an activity tracker. Soon, they will also intruduce Aura, a fantastic tool that will help you sleep better. With awesome dances and Yoga apps, NAO has been interested in helping you stay in shape for a while, and there are many ways he could connect to Withings’ API and do just that. We just have to imagine those ways! In this spirit, we invited Withings to introduce their products and API to our developers. If you’re like us, just watching it should make your brain pop with apps ideas: )


Teaching programing to kids with NAO and Devoxx4kids

Getting kids to learn and enjoy programing from a young age is one of the great challenges of this new century, an NAO is a perfect tool for that.  He’s been used by Daniel De Luca, a member of our developer program, during Devoxx4kids events, and has there are many events taking place all over the world, he’d love for members of the Developer program to reach out and take part in a local event.  “When you see stars in children's eyes the first time they see a real NAO and that those stars are still present at the end of the workshop (contaminating parent's eyes), you get a boost of energy and emotions that make your day.” All you need to run your own Devoxx4kids session is one NAO, and Daniel’s module, which he has made availaible so you can easily teach kids some basics of programing through Choregraphe. “During Devoxx4Kids events we introduce children to computer programming concepts, teaching them what is programming, what is it used for, good programming practice, (reusable code, clean code) how to debug”, says Daniel.

“Choregraphe and NAO provide a perfect combination fo


Meet a NAO developer: interview with Julien (Choksolis)

Everyday, the NAO Community gets stronger and there are more and more developers around the world paying attention to our little friend. Their knowledge and feedbacks are always very valuable for us and they are part of NAO's success today. Therefore, we want to thank Developers and highligh their work and passion. This is what we will do in this new kind of blog post, discovering more about a NAO Developer. Today, we are going to meet Julien (aka Choksolis) who is a very active Community member. Hello Julien, please tell us a bit about yourself first: where you come from, your current work or studies, your experience as a developer etc.? I'm from France, although I've been living in Tokyo for the past 10 years or so. I'm a network and security supervisor, my professional background is relatively distant from the typical Nao developer, I don't produce code very often. I work with routers, firewalls, that kind of things… How your passion about robotics arose? I wasn't interested in robotics until I read a book about real world robotics accomplishments, about 3 years ago. That book somehow made me realize how "real" the sci-fi robots were becoming, and I remember purchasing a Nabaztag right after I finished! (lol)


NAO sur Seine #8: accessibility & animation

The last NAO sur Seine meeting took place on Tuesday night in SFEIR’s office in Neuilly. As usual, this was the occasion for parisian NAO developers to present their current work and for NAO curious to discover more about our little friend.

Well...the view was ok   The first presentation was made by Etienne Membrives (Sterops on the forum). He focused on his Web UI app which allows to control NAO with a computer or a smartphone (like a remote controller). Not just an impressive technical feat, this app gives us an interesting highlight on accessibility issues around NAO and robotics in general.


Programming NAO without NAO : Webots for NAO

During the Paris User Group NAO sur Seine #6 took place on November 26th 2013. Julien Fremy, an engineer at Aldebaran Robotics, gave a presentation of Webots for NAO called “Program NAO without NAO”. He described how we can simulate multi-robots and interact with them in a 3D editable world. Please head to Parleys to view his presentation of Webots. Any question ? Don't be afraid to ask, in comments or on the Community Forum. The next session of our Parisian User Group meetup will take place tonight!

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