Update on the new community website

I’m writing this article because, judging the reactions we’ve had since the release of the new community website, I get the feeling we need to give you some insights on what is happening. Instead of explaining what we have at the moment, and why it’s not working so well, I’ll first thank those of you who took some time to share bugs and feedbacks with us, and explain what is our goal in the end with this revamp. First of all, the revamp of the site is done in two parts: the first one that was released for PepperTechFes on sept 20th, and a second and final release which should take place before the end of this year. Meanwhile, we’re doing continuous improvements on bugs and features. There are two main features that are core to this new website: the forum and the projects. Let discuss them one by one: the forum: There are two types of use cases for the forum: threads where the goal is to start a conversation, and threads where the goal is to get an answer to a question. For the first case, nothing new, you can use the forum to discuss everything you want as you always did. For the second case, a new feature will allow the original poster to highlight the most useful answer and Aldebaran to hig


What's new in Choregraphe 2.1

A few days ago we released a new version of NAOQI that runs both on NAO and Pepper. With it came a new version of Choregraphe through which you can access all the new functionalities of our robots : dialog, facial recognition… We sat down with Victor Paléologue to talk about what’s new in this release. Please introduce yourself and your work at Aldebaran. I’m working with the Desktop Team. We’re in charge of all of Aldebaran’s graphical apps, including Choregraphe, a powerful tool to develop apps for the robot. We also work on Monitor, and some other tools for internal use. My job is to take NAOQI and to create graphical interfaces to control it, with small modules and a little bit of refinement of what’s already in NAOQI. Sometimes I’ll work on NAOQI, for example to make sure we have events on what’s happening with the robot or the mechanics of launching behaviors. In the end everything that has to do with the graphical language has to do with what’s happening in NAOQI, and in the robot. So we can thank you for the


Opening the world first Aldebaran Atelier Paris

Last night in Paris, we opened the door of our first Aldebaran Atelier. The first of its kind, it's a place where you can meet Pepper and NAO and interact with them, wether as a complete beginner or as an advanced developer. We've got a discovery area, a learning space with PCs where you can use Choregraphe 2.1, and a developer corner where you can work on your apps, test them on NAO and Pepper and get help from our experts. Bruno Maisonnier officially cut the ribbon after a speech in which he expressed his vision for robotics' future and Aldebaran's place in it. We believe in a future where millions of people will own a robot, where they will become a unique place in our lives, and will be a new platform for video games and entertainment among other fields. Bruno also announced we've just recruited our 500th employee, a few days before our 9th anniversary. As a developer, this place is


ASK NAO receives a Blue Ribbon Award

The IBCCES (for International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards) is the largest independent credentialing and continuing education organizations with a focus in special needs and human services. This means that they know what they’re talking about when giving a Blue Ribbon Award to the ASK NAO program for our innovative approach to engaging students with autism. This is great news for everyone who’s been working hard to make ASK NAO a success, as The IBCCES’ recognition will help the program reach more kids on the autism spectrum in need of a new therapeuthic solution. To learn more about the program, watch this video and head to our ASK NAO website.

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