NAOqi 2.4.3

NAOqi 2.4.3 for Pepper is available

Upgrade your Pepper and developer tools now! We are very pleased to announce the release of NAOqi 2.4.3 for Pepper. Here are the most important elements to notice: This release fixes important audio bugs (synchronization, speech rocognition, etc.) This release provides a new feature on the tablet to easily perform a factory reset This release support a new cool device: the charging station Please, read below in order to get more details. You can download Choregraphe and the developer tools in the resources section. This release has fixed important bugs about the audio system. You have maybe noticed a bad synchronization between the Text to speech and the Automatic speech recognition or other bugs in dialog that result in a random interaction with Pepper or the robot stops talking. Many of those issues have been fixed and you will now take advantage of a better interaction with your robot. We are pleased to announce also that this version is supporting a new “cool” device, the charging station! Once the chargin

Rodolphe Gelin

Meet Rodolphe Gelin, EVP Chief Scientific Officer at Aldebaran

After 7 years working at Aldebaran, Rodolphe was recently appointed to the position of Chief Scientific Officer, an opportunity to learn more about his vision and Aldebaran future. Rodolphe can you start by telling us a bit about your background?             Sure, I graduated from the School of Civil Engineering and hold a DEA (Research Master’s Degree) in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Paris VI. Out of school I joined the French Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique: CEA) where I worked on the control of mobile robots for service applications, cleaning and helping the disabled. In 1998, I led the laboratory service robotics department and in 2001 was appointed as head of cognitive service robotics and interaction at CEA LIST (technological research division) in Saclay. Between 2006 and December 2008, I was responsible for the Interactive System program where I helped develop important partnerships within the robotics industry. As a member of the European CARE project I handled the European professional service robotics roadmap. On behalf of the ISO (International Organization for Standardiz


NAOqi 2.4.2 available for Pepper

Hello community,
  This month is the month of releases! On Tuesday 20th, we announced the release of NAOqi 2.1.4 for NAO. Today, it’s Pepper’s turn with the release of NAOqi 2.4.2. You can read the release note

2.1.4 release for NAOqi

NAOqi 2.1.4 for NAO available

October is just beginning and there are more than 4.000 of you registered to our Developer Program. Thanks a lot for that. We’re glad to see so much interest for our tools! We also noticed an increase in the activity of the forum. We’re happy to see more and more of you ask questions, but also answer other people’s questions.
  Today, we’re pleased to announce the release of NAOqi 2.1.4 for NAO. All through summer, our teams have been working h

Developers Program

Finally, a Developer Program for all!

Hello there. If you’ve logged into the Community recently, you may have noticed a new tab catch your attention. YES, the new Developer Program is finally out and it has been revamped! Indeed, no matter your skill level at programming or the amount of time you want to spend on projects, you will be able to join the beta version of the Aldebaran Developer Program

NAOqi 2.1.3 update

NAOqi update: 2.1.3 version

Good news everyone, a new version of NAOqi has been released! The version 2.1.3 will be available on April, 15 2015 for NAO' owners. It fixes an important bug that some of you might have encountered on the NAO Evolution robots. It had to do with a continuous flow of diagnosis warning notifications when NAO’s ShoulderPitch motors were getting too hot. To avoid this issue, we strongly recommend you to upgrade your NAO. To set up the upgrade, you can find help in the ‘NAO Upgrade guide’ in the ‘Resources’ section of Community. Talking about user guides, our ‘First Steps with NAO’ guide has been updated and includes now first steps with Webotstm to help you discover this 3D simulation software. We also issued a Boxing NAO guide ! It gives you all the useful tips to safely pack NAO in its box before traveling


This is only the beginning

As you know, Bruno Maisonnier launched Aldebaran almost 10 years ago with the strong will to create emotional robots for human being. For some people at this time, his project seemed to be a utopia. From today’s perspective, we can undoubtly say that NAO, Pepper, and Romeo are a strong reality. Because you, our community, believed in this vision, because you are actively involved in NAO’s success today, we have decided to inform you with a dedicated message that some changes in the company structure are now happening. Bruno decided to step down from CEO of Aldebaran. Some of you may look at the past with nostalgia; and there’s a time for that of course. But trust us, we’re on the edge of the new era. SoftBank has decided to more fully invest in Aldebaran, up to 95%, and Tomiwaza Fumihide is now CEO of Aldebaran from March 4th. This is the beginning of a dynamic move for us and for our community. This is demonstrating SoftBank’s real interest not only for Pepper, but also for NAO and Romeo. NAO’s recent uses in several companies like Darty in France, or the pilot announced for Mitsubishi Bank in Japan are good examples that there’s room for robots of all sizes on the market. W

Webots 8 for NAO

Webots 8.0.3

Good news: Webots for NAO is now ready to use with the latest version of NAOqi 2.1.2. 

We have tested and validated Windows 7 x64 and Ubuntu 14.04 x64 configurations. However, we are still investigating some remaining issues with the Mac version (Mountain Lion): we will keep you posted on the progress and its availability (it's not available for Mac at the moment)! You might still encounter some issues in the «Webots Guided Tour» which are not related to NAOqi. Our partner Cyberbotics is also working on solving these cases. We will keep you posted on that subject as news arrive Go to the download section to get your copy

NAO hearing

What’s new with the 2.1.2 version?

At Aldebaran, our developers and engineers are working hard day after day to improve our robots. This upgrade takes into account your feedbacks and is fixing the most pressing issues. It also improves functionalities and modules in order to have a better interaction with the robot.  Moreover it brings additional features that you should appreciate. Setting up the Robot From the NAO Web Page, you can now connect NAO behind a proxy. You can also choose to enable or disable the Autonomous Life at the robot’s startup thanks to the new parameter: “Alive by default”. We have also added a channel system grouping applications to install in one package, with dynamic updates. The Basic Channel compiles all needed applications for a first experience, including NAO’s dialog ability, falls recovery and Autonomous Life that allows

NAO action figures vignette

Fan shop's grand opening: here come the mini NAO action figures!

Everybody loves NAO. At least I do! So I’m quite excited to announce to you the opening of the brand new fan shop! Launched on November the 24th, the shop offers official goodies and apparels from Aldebaran. The first products are two mini action figures of NAO Evolution in blue or in red. So personally, I know what I will ask Santa for Christmas because these cute buddies are already available for Europe, Japan, the U.S.A and Canada. Moreover, some

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