New PECS based activity has to be tested

Hello there! I created a simple PECS based activity where children have to give a picture in Nao's hand. Nao will then makes an animation as a "reward". You can either choose a visual animation (LEDs animation), a sound animation (audio feedbacks) or regular animation (dances & movements).

Warning : Nao won't interact by himself. You'll have to control every Nao's move. The LeftBumper is the event that launch everything.

First, gives the child a model. Take the picture and show it to Nao. Then press Nao's LeftBumper. He'll then move his right arm and open his hand. Drop the picture inside Nao's hand and press his LeftBumper again. Nao'll close his hand and start an animation. He'll then open his hand again and give back the picture.

You can now give the picture to the child and wait for him to move. As soon as he rise his hand or arm toward Nao, press Nao's LeftBumper. Wait for the child to drop the picture inside Nao's hand, then press his LeftBumper again.


The activity has no ending yet. You'll have to manually close the activity with Choregraphe.

I'd need someone to test the app to see if there is any problem with it or if it could be improved. Anyone interested in this project ? Anyone interested can send me a private message.

N.B. The app has no verbal interaction. Therefore, you can use it in every language.


hello Antony,

you can share your app in a project here This might be more confortable for you to deal with this kind of thing. Congratulations for the job done Best,


I have created a project here. Feel free to give any advices related to the project, especially those who are familiar with PECS. You can download the project in the "File" tab.

New version updated: - You can now close the app by pressing all head sensors for 3 seconds - Animations improved - Can choose if you want to make the activity while seated or while standing. - Sound animation are now much more entertaining - Breath animation added while Nao waits for the child to make a move - Exception and error are being sent when you don't enter one of the possible choices in the boxes.

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