MoveTo speed (unstable robot)

I'm using the moveTo function to move the robot. I would like to make the robot move slowly (as slow as possible). To this end, I call the moveTo function with a number of configuration settings (moveConfig). In particular I change the MaxStepFrequency between zero and one.

A MaxStepFrequency smaller than 1 results in the robot being slower. However, it also results in the robot becoming unstable: it wobbles and tends to fall over.

I have tried playing around with smaller values for MaxStepX, MaxStepY and StepHeight. However , this does not seem to solve the problem.

What is the best way to reduce the speed of the robot using the moveTo command without making the robot unstable.


Hello Dieter and thank you for posting your question on Community.

I'm forwarding it to our team. You should get some feedbacks by the beginning of next week.



Hi Dieter,

You are playing with the right parameters. The default values are optimized for walk stability, so it is not surprising that changing them can make the walk less stable.

My first try to make a stable slow walk would be to lower maxStepX without changing the frequency.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,


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