Launch trigger condition list?


Is there a launch trigger condition list anywhere? I found this in the documentation but it is not really what I'm looking for.

I've read many threads, and people write for ex: 'Launchpad/LeftBumperPressed'==1. But in the documentation there is no "LeftBumperPressed". Is this something that these people have programmed them selves, or can I find it somewhere? I'm trying to make my programs start with the help of the sensors on Nao. Can I make them start with the help of sensors if the program requires that Autonomous Life is off?

Best, Elina


I think there isn't any other documentation that has a complete list of the possible trigger conditions. If I'm not wrong, you could make your own trigger condition with any events. Imagination is your limit. Good luck with this !

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If autonomous life is off I am not sure trigger conditions will work. But you can create your own small AL in such a way that it is a python script that runs in the background and launches applications according to what he gets from sensors. You have first to download the applications that you will use. Then you start your personal AL behavior that will check sensory input and launch the applications according to your predefined conditions.

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