Dialog topic two bumpers associated

In a dialog topic if I use : u:(e:HandRightRightTouched) ^switchFocus(monactivityr-xxxxx/monbehaviour) to launch my activity on a HandRightRightTouched : it works.

Now, I would like to launch the same application with two events in a same time : I wrote : u:(e:HandRightRightTouched & e:HandLeftRightTouched) ^switchFocus(monactivityr-xxxxx/monbehaviour)

but nothings happens.

What is the correct way to write this code ?




Anyone ?...

I'm not sure off-hand what the syntax is (if it exists) that allows you to listen to two events at the same time within a user rule. Perhaps someone from the Dialog team can chime in on that.

If there isn't, one possible solution would be for you, in Python, to listen for both events and raise your own memory event, which is what you would then listen for in your topic file.

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