Database creation

Hello! Does someone know how to create a database using Choregraphe? If so, please share the information. Thanks.


hello NAO,

Im not sure you can create databases directly in Choregraphe, at least using the regular boxes that we provide.

Maybe you can do that by creating your own box for Choregraphe in Python. But in that case, I don't even know if you can create and store your database on the robot or if you need to rely on an external one.

Ill try to find someone to give you a more precise answer



What kind of DB? Do you need SQL? You can also simply store in a file.

If you do not need a full relational database, some clever use of the python Pickle module does the job. You can create files on NAO and read and write python data types, lists arrays etc.

Give a look at the python Pickle documentation. You will find this on the internet. I made some time ago some tests on NAO and it works.

SQLite3 is on the robot and accessible through python script in the Choregrpahe boxes. I use SQLite Browser to create my database schema and then include the database file in a folder in my choregraphe application.

Hola disculpen la molestia pero estoy tratando de realizar lo del reconocimiento de imágenes vi un tutorial donde genera una base de datos y las imágenes tienen que estar como AR1, AR2 etc. el problema es que no me genera este tipo de archivo. espero me puedan ayudar

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